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Please contact your Company Administrator to reset your password if you continue having problems logging in. Your Company Administrator is the only individual able to reset your password. At Huntington, we're for people. Our unique overdraft fee relief feature is deed to give you more time to make a deposit in order to avoid an Overdraft Fee.

And it comes free with all Huntington s. Compare Checking s. Just make a sufficient deposit that meets the following criteria:. Make a deposit or transfer that brings your to a positive balance. We want you to avoid overdraft fees. Having a clearer understanding of overdrafts is a good place to start. Learn Www imcovered com huntington about overdrafts.

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All you have to do is make a deposit or transfer—that brings your to a positive balance—before midnight the next business day. Learn More. At Huntington, we're for small business. That's why our unique overdraft fee relief comes free with all Huntington Business Checking, Savings, and Money Market deposit s.

The questions below explain more about when you need to make the deposit and how much the deposit needs to be. You have to Www imcovered com huntington the right deposit on time. Please look at the rest of the questions below to learn how. Answer: No. If this situation were to occur, you would be charged a Return Fee. Answer: Good question. Depending on the type - check, debit card purchase, ATM withdrawal, or automatic payment, for example - it could be the same day, or even a few days later.

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With checks, it depends on how soon the payee of the check deposits or cashes it. Answer: Well, the short answer is through networks. When you write a rent or mortgage check, for example, that check is sent to us for payment through a check-clearing network. There are also debit card, ATM, and other electronic payment networks.

Or a check, for example, can also be presented cashed in-person at our Huntington branches. Answer: Here's how that works. An overdraft is a transaction that is actually paid from your it reduces the balance in your .

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A return is also a transaction for more money than is in your. Here, however, instead of paying it from yourwe send it back through the network that sent it to us it never gets into your. Answer: Well, we assume you do transactions because you want them to happen. Paying them when they overdraw your lets them happen.

Whether we do this or not is within our discretion. We are never required to let you overdraft. But within limits we set, we provide you this service. Part of our management of risk with deposit s is to decide when we pay and when we return transactions. That is generally based on your history. We balance that decision between serving your need to have transactions paid and our need to manage risk. When we return a check or automatic payment, we charge a Return Fee. Answer: Declining a transaction can usually Www imcovered com huntington with a debit card purchase or an ATM withdrawal.

For these types of transactions, we usually get an electronic request from a merchant or from the ATM network before the transaction happens. That is known as an authorization request. That decision is generally based on your history. We balance that decision between serving your need to have transactions happen and our need to manage risk.

If we deny the authorization request, the transaction is declined. Instead, it only works after your is already overdrawn. Of course, if you can get your balance out of the negative, please do. Answer: We offer several ways you can up to check your balance: online and mobile banking, text and alerts, and through our telephone banking service.

Transactions come to us from many networks and sources at many different times during the day. Answer: You can deposit cash or checks at a banking office or an ATM. Additionally, check deposits can be made using our Mobile Deposit. Www imcovered com huntington can also an make an electronic transfer from another at an ATM or through our online, mobile, or telephone banking services.

You should use an ATM to deposit cash or a check after branch hours, and not a night depository or drop box.

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Answer: As long as your deposits are made using an acceptable form of payment, such as cash or valid check, your deposit will be processed. You can also transfer funds electronically at an ATM or through our online, mobile or telephone banking services. If an overdraft fee is charged prior to the hold being released, the overdraft fee will be waived if the check is paid. Answer: You have until before midnight the next business day after your is overdrawn. A deposit at a Huntington branch needs to be before branch closing time on that next business day.

A deposit or transfer at an ATM, through online or mobile banking or through our telephone banking service needs to be before midnight that next business day. At p. Answer: You can make a deposit or transfer at one of our ATMs Www imcovered com huntington through mobile banking, or you can make a transfer through our online or telephone banking services.

For example, a deposit of cash or a check at a Huntington ATM at p.

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You should always use an ATM to make an after-hours deposit at a branch. It has to be before midnight or before branch closing time if made at a branch. Answer: It depends. We either for online banking customers or physically mail for non-online banking customers a Notice of Insufficient Funds the next business day after your is overdrawn.

Answer: Business days are Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays are not business days even if our banking offices, ATMs, website or other services are open or available for use on those days. So, for example, if the overdraft occurs on Friday, you have until before midnight on Monday the next business day to fix the problem. If that Monday is a federal holiday, you have until before midnight on Tuesday. If you want to make a deposit at Www imcovered com huntington branch, it needs to be before branch Www imcovered com huntington time.

Answer: The best way to avoid Overdraft Fees and return Fees is to practice good management and carefully keep track of your transactions yourself so you always know what you have available to spend or withdraw. Answer: Consumer customers have the ability to opt out of overdraft for ATM or debit card transactions so these kinds of transactions won't cause Overdraft Fees.

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Sometimes these transactions will still cause overdrafts even if you opt out. If that happens, you won't be charged any Overdraft Fees. Business customers cannot opt out of overdraft services. Your will be automatically closed if it remains negative in any amount for 60 days.

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Www imcovered com huntington

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