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The Strip in Patpong soi 2 closes tonight. It had been a favourite bar of mine for many years and now The strip patpong like as good a time as any to look The strip patpong and share some memories of The Strip. No went up. The following month, June ofit would be officially named The Strip. Nana and Cowboy were going gangbusters back then and a new bar opening in Patpong was about as exciting as a visit to the dentist, hence it took me a long time to head over and check it out.

First impressions at The Strip were always positive. Oftentimes the dancers would perch outside too, keen to see what was going on outside. Hello girls can be a bit of a pain, especially outside bars on Soi Cowboy, but at The Strip they tended to be playful…but then perhaps that was because I was known? But who cares what a bar is like outside! The Strip was known for its booths.

These were not booths like you get in a diner, but tall, feet or so stainless steel cylinders with a small, round table inside surrounded by a very narrow and very uncomfortable bench seat. They sound awful but they were a major draw for those who used them and no other bar before or since has had anything like them. And then there was the fire show. Along the countertop at the bar was a shallow well in which the bartender could pour flammable liquid which would be lit. Dancers would get up on the countertop and do a slow, sexy dance while flames bounced behind them. With the lights in the bar all turned off and the only light coming from the flames, it was striking.

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And just like the booths, it was totally unique. Like The strip patpong few gogo bars, The Strip had a shower cubicle and from time to time girls performed a shower show. The girls at The Strip seemed to really get in to it and it was genuinely sensual, whereas in some bars, such shows are contrived and the girls are clearly bored out of their minds as they perform them. And after the shower show at The Strip, the girl or occasionally, girls would do a sexy dance throughout the bar, all lathered up in soap suds. It seems that few bars try anything new, or make a real effort to set themselves apart from the competition, yet under different sets of managements The Strip did just that.

Over time The Strip became known for trying new things and doing things differently. And more often than not what they tried actually worked. Back then, beach parties were held in the bar frequently every week? It sounds crazy — and the bar was a mess — but it worked. And more than anything, the girls got in to it and it was that which really made the bar something special. Posters from just some of the many parties held at The Strip over the years.

Over the years The Strip hosted more parties than just about all other Bangkok gogo bars added together. Some were a little silly but many were fun. Often these parties would The strip patpong misunderstood by punters and even other bar bosses. Parties are a chance for the girls to dress up, to get their makeup and hair especially done up — and that really gets them in to the mood.

They get in to The strip patpong and that makes the bar a fun place to be. For a few months inFriday night at The Strip meant the snake show! Soda, one the stars of The Strip, would do a sexy routine with a couple of girls with a huge blonde python draped over them. Between shows, the star of the snake showSoda, would often stand outside with the blonde python draped over her shoulders and around her neck causing a traffic jam as Patpong soi 2 was blocked as everyone passing by wanted to snap a photo of Soda and the snake.

Getting back to the booths, they looked great. But it was very much form over function.

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The round table in the booths was made of solid concrete as was the circular seat. While they looked great from the outside, inside they were cramped The strip patpong horribly awkward to manoevure around in. You could sit inside the booth and watch what was happening in the bar or you could go in to the booth with a lady and close the curtain — which cost a few hundred baht.

A quiet night in The Strip, the bar was always fun but I doubt it was ever a goldmine. The Strip was never what I would call a high traffic bar and over the years seldom did I see it full — and even when it was full you could guarantee that within an hour or so it would empty out.

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With that said, some girls made it in and out of the booth a couple of times a night. The local constabulary must have known what was going on inside the booths because a few years ago the owners were told that it was not ok to close the curtains on the booths. Suddenly, one of the unique features of The Strip was no longer available. The strip patpong on the premises was off the menu, right?

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The then manager understood well that regulars would not be pleased that the booths could not be used so he responded in his own amusing way. He converted one of the toilets in to a short time space and instead of leading randy customers in to a booth, girls led their customer in to the toilet space where a carpet was laid out on the floor, The strip patpong with a bunch of cushions.

A curtain was pulled to close the area off and the private party could begin. Parts of The Strip were grim. This tends to be grim in many bars, but in The Strip it was particularly so. Another problem at The Strip was the rats. It was infested and this The strip patpong an ongoing problem for many years. One manager once joked to me that he thought the rats were coming down from the fetish house, Bar Bar, upstairs. Most likely the rats were coming in from outside — food vendors in Bangkok throw left-over food and scraps down open drains, resulting in a city infested with rodents.

The rat problem would be inherited by each new owner and was never resolved. One of the best nights I had at The Strip was one rainy season night in It was one of those long, rainy monsoon Bangkok nights. We were stuck in The Strip until the early hours, just us and the girls. It was one of my best The strip patpong ever in a Bangkok gogo bar. The Strip would become a refuge for me when I had an issue with the authorities and the stress of it all was doing my head in.

Despite frequent turnover of management and ownership changes, The Strip just rocked on and seldom missed a beat. There were a few hiccups and some owners did their best to ruin it, but fortunately those guys never lasted long.

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The owner buys the girls a round at the start of the night to get things going. In recent years a most unlikely American fellow had charge at The Strip. I say most unlikely because he was nothing like your average bar boss. They responded in a way I have seldom seen. Said American did a fantastic job, both when he was running the bar alone and later when he had a partner.

Many girls came and went from the industry — but several months or even a year later they would be back at The Strip. Upcountry The strip patpong boring after the excitement of the capital. And over the years there were some real characters at The Strip, both the foreign managers and the girls — many of whom featured in this column. The Strip had both dancers and coyotes, girls employed by the bar and agency girls…. There was this Gothic Aussie weirdo managing the bar for a while who claimed to be a world-famous photographer, painted his fingernails black and had some totally bizarre ideas not just about running bars, but on life in general.

It was no surprise when The strip patpong appeared in the Thai news some time later — most of us had him pegged from the start as no good. A pretty lady from The Strip outside at a time when Patpong soi 2 was much busier, note all of the shit for sale in the background. Long-term readers may remember the one known as Arsenal Alex, the rogue who came to town with talk of riches and the desire to buy a bar or three, but who would eventually make a desperate escape from Bangkok just before an arrest warrant was issued in his name.

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Alex was a likeable rogue and harmless enough and fun nights were spent with Alex in The Strip in early during what I often think back on as the Arsenal Alex period. Plenty of ladies in The Strip developed a following. One of the long-timers was Cat who went through a lengthy stretching routine before The strip patpong up on stage and warming in to her dance routine. Cat was there from the early days, and almost until the bitter end. Soda was the short-haired Molly Cyrus fan with a look very fashioned on her idol.

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Soda danced in The Strip from until and featured in a column titled Sensational Soda in Nina, one the nicest ladies ever to work in a bar, a genuinely nice person. Nina was the super sexy dancer with the amazing body who later become mamasan.

Nina used to do some incredibly sexy dancing on stage with her pal, Noi. But none were as infamous as First, the tall, buxom beauty who looked completely out-of-place in a farang-oriented gogo bar. Fair-skinned, tall and with looks and a body shape that Thai men lust after, when I featured First as Girl Of The Week back in no-one could have predicted what would happen next.

Night after night there was a queue in The Strip as Stickman readers stopped by specifically to meet First. One The strip patpong flew up from Singapore based solely on her appearance in the column.

The strip patpong

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