Sunshine gates for sale

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The old Australian cast ted farm gates from the turn of the 20th century are harder to find but as popular as ever due to the nostalgia around owning a heritage gate like those on our grandparents and great-grandparents old farms. Demand for old gates for sale has pushed prices quite high despite them being in really bad condition. The bottom bars are usually rusted away, rails badly bent, and castings irreparably cracked.

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In many cases buyers have had no idea of the extent of damage or end up Sunshine gates for sale poorly restored heritage farm gates. The alternative is to buy a reproduction which is indistinguishable from the old heritage gates, with castings moulded from original Sunshine McKay or Simpson gates.

This HV McKay gate is in reasonably good condition. Cast ted farm gates were made around the turn of the last century. They were originally made by companies such as Sunshine McKay, Simpson and Cyclone as well as many smaller independent foundries. Simpson and Sunshine McKay HV McKay may simply be more familiar to modern collectors and renovators as the names of these two companies were sometimes embedded in the centre casting and all the other small foundries have long since been forgotten.

Possibly an old Simpson gate, on display at Goolwa, SA. An original cast ted gate. Manufacturer unknown.

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There are many variations of cast ted gates, some with plain knuckles, some patterned, some with solid steel bars and others with twisted wire strands within a pipe frame. The centre discs varied greatly and there are some really pretty ones out there. The weight of these old heritage gates moved the timber posts on which they were mounted. As a result these old gates would end up on the ground, Sunshine gates for sale to be lifted and dragged across the driveway. The bottom of the gates usually sat in long grass and mud, eventually rusting away.

I recall seeing a pair of 2. These prices were for gates that were pick up only, which would have restricted the interest in buying them, and lowered the bid price. This sort of damage is quite common on old Sunshine gates. We get a of heritage gates brought to Farmweld for restoration. You might end up with a gate that:.

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Many old cast ted gates need a fair amount of restoration, many having badly bent, rusted out bars or damaged and missing castings. The bottom bar in particular is usually bent if not rusted away partially or completely and if not fixed by a reputable and knowledgeable person you could end up losing quite a bit of money. The centre pieces differ, the plain one has a bow shape and the ornamental one a disc with a floral motif.

The handle casting includes the Sunshine gates for sale piece so the diagonal bracing can only be set at an angle to accommodate the larger gates.

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Sizes start from 1. You can find more information in a blog article, Heritage Cast ted Gates and under the Horizontal Bar Gates category in the main website menu. Leave a reply Cancel reply Comment. Name required.

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Sunshine gates for sale

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10 foot McKay Sunshine Farm Gate.#