Spanking and domestic discipline

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This is the longest he has left me to reflect and anticipate. I felt sadness and disappointment as I reflected and I felt anxiety over what was about to happen next. Adding to the anxiety was that I felt this could be a litmus test for how DD is working for us.

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Anyway, this is just a quick note to say I am so much more than this post Spanking and domestic discipline make me appear. I encourage you to visit my About s ection or read my first post to about my twelfth one my DD Contract with my husband to understand what I am all about. My feelings rushed to the surface and I started crying. Mike walked up behind me and gave me 10 warm up spankings with his hand without warning.

It surprised me because that is not our protocol. Mike asked me to turn and I knelt down in front of him and Spanking and domestic discipline asked why we were there. I accurately stated what I had done. I liked this as it kept us centered on the fact that this was about commitments I made. This transgression clearly fell under our Intense Reward protocol, giving Mike a lot of discretion. No limits in the prescribed of swats or the level of force; however, the intent of an Intense Reward was that it be prolonged.

Thus, the forced that is used should be consistent with allowing a prolonged punishment experience. I was ready for a prolonged session. Mike lectured me and I took notice that he was very measured in choosing his words and spoke very calmly and matter-of-fact. How can you be so inattentive? It dried up my tears as this wave of trust and love filled me up.

I felt prepared for whatever he had decided to do to me. He was in full-on DD mode! I handed him the paddle and he told me to lean over and put my elbows on the bed. The first one really stung. The paddle covers a lot of surface area and was a new sensation for me, and a powerful one at that. Each one was about three seconds apart.

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By the fifth or sixth one it was really stinging badly. Whack… all the way to ten. Wow, that was intense! He had me count out as he spanked me by hand. It was about medium force, but it went on and on. He then told me to go lay on the bed on my stomach and hand him the belt. As I waited for the first strike, I remember thinking that my ass already felt ablaze and I had never been spanked with the belt in this condition.

Not only did it sting like never before, but Spanking and domestic discipline sounded louder than usual.

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He was hitting hard. I started to cry again somewhere during this. In all there were 30 swats, 15 per side. I was crying quite a bit and when he said he was done with the belt, I immediately had to rub my butt. It felt very hot…as in temperature hot, not sexy hot! He told me to stay there on my stomach and he would return.

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As he left the room I wondered if this was the end of the punishment. He told me to get up and get the hair brush from the bathroom. He followed me in the bathroom and when I handed him the brush he told me to bend over and grab my ankles. The hair brush was my least favorite implement.

It really seemed to concentrate the smack in a very small area. Mike knew I disliked it the most or, to say it more positively, I liked it the least. He told me he was going to give me 15 pretty hard ones and if I let go of my ankles he would Spanking and domestic discipline over.

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Thwack, Thwack! Mike counted out four quick ones. I almost lost my grip but held firm. This was the first time I ever used a safe word. I took some deep breathes and perhaps after a minute I told him I was ready. Again four quick ones. I held firmly and luckily he paused for a bit before giving the next set. I yelled out like I Spanking and domestic discipline never done before. Then the next set. Damn it, I lost my grip after a few more. I needed to do something if I was going to make it to I asked Mike if I could wet a washcloth and bite down on it. Thankfully he agreed. My face was burning too as I had been crying hard and also trying to keep my screams in as much as possible.

The wet washcloth felt good in my mouth. Okay, ready! He did 5 in quick succession. He eased up a tad but it still hurt like hell. I was still holding my ankles. Spanking and domestic discipline, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack…. I made it! We went over to the chair and once again he had me lay across his knees.

I was pretty sure I would be saying the safe word after the first swat. Luckily, he put the brush down. He gave me another thirty, maybe more, by hand. As he had more control over the intensity and in the placement, he was able to soften up when I would jump or squeal, and then hit harder and harder until I jumped or squealed again.

Hand spanking can be so much more thoughtful than any implement. I definitely prefer the hand! He paused for a minute and rubbed my butt. He then reached over for the brush. He spanked me semi-lightly with the brush, at least compared to what he did in the bathroom. My ass was really on fire. Eventually he proceeded and about four or five in I once again had to call for a pause. He waited a few minutes again, and on the third go he finished what remained. Thank you Safe Words! He told me to stand in the corner and he would be back.

I stood in the corner thinking surely this was almost done.

Spanking and domestic discipline

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