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She was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, aunt, and friend, as well as an internationally recognized speaker, author and educational consultant for school districts. Once in a while, someone special comes along and makes the world a much much better place. Connie Dembrowsky was that very special person who meant so very much to all of us.

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She married her forever Valentine, Barry, on February 14, Together they celebrated their love every single day of their year marriage. Her quick wit, zest for life and artistic talent will be missed by all. Bob Scheelen Vienna 75, passed away quietly in August after a long and courageous journey with cancer and side effects. He was beloved and will live on in many people. He worked diligently to bring reconciliation to our fractured world and met all people with respect.

He was devoted to the children and families he served in his career and to his own family, the center of his joy. Nicholas Acocella Vienna 77, of Hoboken died June Husband of Laura.

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Father of Bart and Francesca. Grandfather of Caroline and James. Beloved, irreverent NJ political commentator and founder of Politifax. After graduating from St. He went on to study English literature at the University of California at Berkeley, just in time for the Free Speech movement. But Acocella had no appetite for moving halfway across the country to continue a teaching career. He probably would have hated those jobs. But few people were as plugged in to the weird, wild world of New Jersey politics as Nick Acocella.

He spent more than two decades running a must-read, insider newsletter about Garden State movers and shakers that subscribers used to receive via fax machine. He hosted a TV show in which he spoke with local political titans like Tom Kean and Chris Christie while cooking pasta.

And he was as colorful and crusty as the misunderstood state he lovingly covered. He was also an avid Yankees fan who wrote 20 books about baseball. John W. Hartnagel Cape Town, passed away on June 6, John was born August 25, He recently graduated from Villanova School of Business and worked as a business consultant. John always had a passion for nature and travel. Whether travelling through the lands of South Africa, wandering the streets of Chicago or hiking through Bear Mountain, he took something from his journeys and passed that inspiration on to others.

He will be remembered by all that knew him for a kindness that was pure and genuine and a smile that put everyone at ease. Kathleen Adkins Vienna passed away on May 18,Kathleen was 77 years old. Two qualities have driven much of my life: curiosity and a restless desire to learn about as much as I can.

These drives have led me to try many things, Seeking my life partner 56 Pierceton de with success, others with abject failure. Musician, composer, public speaker, instructor, environmental activist, wordsmith, publisher, bat naturalist, pilot, motorcyclist, beader, hiker, camper, canoeist, computer nerd, organic gardener, green home builder, dowser, beekeeper, wedding officiator, traveler, a Cassandra prophesying environmental disaster.

Hang gliding, sewing, organizing for community action, sitting on committees, anything to do with selling, telephone solicitation, sight reading at the piano, debating, office politics, dealmaking, being a Cassandra prophesying environmental disaster. Growing up in the green, sheltering mountains of eastern Kentucky with a mother who developed my vocabulary and love of wordplay.

Playing piano at the age of four, cornet in the high school band, timpani in orchestra, singing alto in choir, taking up viola during retirement. Moved to California with my first girlfriend. Settled into a job and domesticity. Not unhappy but not happy — trapped in my own selfmade prison. Took the est training. Scoff if you like, but it was a brilliantly deed program that delivered what it promised to me and thousands of others: a transformative experience in two weekends.

It stripped away my prison bars and left me relaxed, happy, growing into my fullest self. Had a second relationship that was heaven until I screwed it up. Moved to New York, part of the problem. Training director for a company in Westchester. Continued to assist at est by leading seminars. At first it was deliriously happy and satisfying. Then I noticed that I was starting to get professional, not exactly phoning it in, but definitely burning out. Then the big crack in my life. At about the same time I lost almost everything.

My social context was mostly est people, and when I left, there that went. My mother died; my corporation withered and I was laid off, and a relationship in which I lost myself in abject adoration dissolved. After two hard years Seeking my life partner 56 Pierceton de misery, I pulled myself together and went in a different direction.

No more corporate drone jobs; I started my own little training company, teaching speaking skills, management skills, and then computer skills for the new age of desktops. I started to explore the softer, twilight side of life: shamanism, earth spirituality, the Celtic faery tradition not nearly as twee as it soundsall very satisfying. Megalithic monuments in general and in particular the peculiar movements of the moon over an ed the Mob of Angels and had such a good time it should have been illegal playing hand drums with an all-woman group.

We danced and processed while playing complex rhythms from the Middle East. I made wonderful friends in that group. Along with all that, nerd heaven. I developed the ability to teach spreheeting skills and found consulting work at JPMorgan. There I met my two future business partners, Alastair and Norm. Together we built a training company that dominated the small pond of financial analysis training. Better than that, we fell in love with each other. Four relationships have been bedrock in my life. My exes in California, Leta and Taura, who to this day are closer than sisters. Alastair and Norm, who are the same bedrock.

After another horrible, Seeking my life partner 56 Pierceton de relationship after the crackup, I swore off them and reed myself to solitude. Then came Gretchen after I retired.

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We have grown closer and closer; we have had golden years of travel, playing music together, and enjoying our home in the woods. I have been extraordinarily lucky in my life. Terrible things have happened, yes, Would I take them back? This will be my last post. It will be mounted after I die.

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I wish you the death you want for yourself, I hope that it will be peaceful, pain-free and free from fear. Thank you for enriching my life by being in it, those of you whom I know. Anthony H. You can read his obituary HERE. Mark Justin Westervelt M. Vienna a beloved husband, father, friend and family doctor, died peacefully of natural causes in his home in Camp Verde, Arizona and entered eternal life on April 16, Marcus Wells Westervelt. The Westervelt family relocated to Tempe, Arizona, where Mark spent the remainder of his childhood.

Shortly thereafter Dr. Westervelt wed Colette Wadlow, his childhood friend and love of his life. Mark and Colette were married August 25, They spent the first two years of their marriage in Martinez, California while Mark completed his internship and residency in family practice. In JulyMark and Colette moved their young family to Camp Verde, Arizona, a small town seeking a family physician.

Westervelt started a family practice clinic, also practicing at nearby Marcus J. He continued to serve as the 'town doctor' for Camp Verde for a remarkable 42 years. He was a practitioner whose life was dedicated to the best interests of those whom he Seeking my life partner 56 Pierceton de. Mark's professional life was integrated with his dedication to the community of Camp Verde, caring for multiple generations of local citizens. He frequently made house calls for those unable to travel to his office. He performed and assisted in surgical, orthopedic, obstetrics, pediatric, and ICU care at the hospital.

He spent countless hours serving as the team physician at Camp Verde athletic events. His home phone remained open for patients to call regardless of the time of day. His family recalls anecdotes of their father setting fractures, stitching wounds, and reducing t dislocations either in his office or at the family home.

Early in his career there were occasions when Dr. Westervelt was required to perform in-home infant deliveries. Westervelt was deeply committed to serving the Camp Verde community. He volunteered for sixteen years on the Camp Verde School Board, and spearheaded the construction of three new schools. Support of public education was paramount to Dr. Westervelt as evidenced by each of his ten children attending twelve years of Camp Seeking my life partner 56 Pierceton de public schools.

He held a special relationship with the Yavapai-Apache community in both sports and medical care. Westervelt annually provided free physicals for all Camp Verde students, firmly believing that athletics was integral to youth formation and development.

He recognized the value of sports and wanted to ensure all students had the opportunity to play. Westervelt particularly enjoyed his years as volunteer Little League coach at the local, regional, and state competitive levels. In recognition of Dr. Mark J. Westervelt Gymnasium to honor the legacy Mark left to the community as a doctor, school board member, and father.

In further recognition of Dr.

Seeking my life partner 56 Pierceton de

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