Sappy country love songs

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Whether reliving sweet memories or bidding a bitter farewell, the saddest love songs are universal, sharing emotions to which we can all relate.

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And the best or worst? Paisley and Krauss tell the story of a whiskey bottle becoming a deadly weapon in the hands of two brokenhearted people with little reason left to live. A chorus Sappy country love songs angels sends both to their final resting Sappy country love songs. This ballad tells the all-too-familiar story of a couple dealing with a painful split.

But the real story of the plane crash that same year in which McEntire lost eight of her band members gave the song a nearly unbearable poignancy. grows up and prepares to move on with her life. But packing up 18 years of treasured memories isn't easy -- and it's even tougher on Mom. This sad love song from Bogguss is heartbreaking for entirely different reasons. In this Gill weeper fromhe comes home to an empty house with nothing but a goodbye note.

Sometimes silence -- and a mournful steel guitar -- can speak louder than any words ever could. Patty Loveless s in for some haunting harmony vocals. Darkness and loneliness now haunt a once-happy home where a fiery love has since been extinguished. This heartbreaking love song from Shenandoah was covered by Alison Krauss and Union Station in a version that's even more otherworldly.

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This song is Brooks' musical version of the Tennyson line, '"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. While the message may strive for hope, the song's video is an all-too-sad reminder of great loss. In just a few short years, Williams said nearly all there was to say in country music: the good, the bad and the tragic. This is a sad love song from with a tear in -- and in between -- every single, mournful note.

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A tough exterior is no match for an untimely reminder of lost love. Cline perseveres in this song, even as she confesses she's powerless to stop the onslaught of a complete breakdown. McGraw paid tribute to fallen soldiers and their Sappy country love songs with this song, to which far too many Americans can relate.

Written in the form of a letter received by a soldier's widow, the track creates a profound sense of sadness and loss. There are many reasons why this hit is the saddest country love song of all time, not the least of which is the bone-chilling delivery by Jones.

In this career-defining classic, Jones laments a lost love that lasts literally until death does them part. If you can get through this list without bursting into tears, you're a lot stronger than we are. Are there other songs that you think deserve a spot here? Sound off in the comments section below! This list was compiled by Stephen L. Betts, and revised by Sterling Whitaker and Angela Stefano.

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