Power of prayer in numbers

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It happened again, just this week. A situation arose in which our family desperately needed prayer. As we began our own prayers, we invited others to us in prayer as well. It is a familiar scene. I would guess that this scenario has played out in many other homes. As I was asking others to pray though, I was reminded of a question I was asked not long ago: is there more power in our prayers when there are more people praying?

I have to admit, I did not have an immediate answer to this question. On the one hand, it is very natural for us to default towards the idea that more is always better—basically, Power of prayer in numbers one prayer is powerful, Power of prayer in numbers must be twice as powerful. Then, of course, more questions are raised: If there was more power in s, what would be the most powerful? As I searched for answers to these questions, I learned some things that may help.

We have plenty of evidence in the New Testament church of Acts that the people gathered in groups to pray. The Apostles were gathered together for prayer right before the Holy Spirit came upon them on the Day of Pentecost Acts Also, when Peter was rescued by God from prison, he went to a house where many were gathered together and praying Acts However, Jesus warned us not to pray like the pagans, who hope to be heard because of many words Matthew ; see also Isaiah Consider the showdown on Mt Carmel in 1 Kings it describes the many prayers of all the priests of Baal, and reveals them to be powerless.

Yet, it appears that they held to the belief that their many prayers should have been more effective than the one prayer of Elijah. At first glance, this may look like extreme bias, as if God is playing favorites.

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Yet, if our sins separate us from God, how can He hear our prayers Isaiah2? Just to clarify: a righteous person is not the one who simply does more good things than bad things, but is the one who has repaired the broken relationship with God by accepting the sacrifice of Christ and receiving His righteousness 2 Corinthians If this is the case, why would we need to pray in groups?

Why gather together to pray if the prayer of one righteous person is effective and powerful?

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I think this questions rises because we forget the purpose of prayer. I wrote a blog specifically on this topic, so I will not go into a lot of detail, but in brief: prayer is not a wish-list, or an information network, it is communication with our God. When we pray, it is not to inform God about our wants and needs, or to demand we get what we ask for, it is to align ourselves with His will and give Him control over our situation.

You see, prayer is the way we vocalize our dependence on God and when we pray as a group, we become united in that dependence. I have found that praying with other people can create a powerful bond between me and them. So, is there more power in the prayers of many? Not exactly. The amount of people praying does not make the prayers more convincing to God. Having prayer vigils all over the world can be a wonderful thing to unite Power of prayer in numbers people of God, but those prayers will not have added power simply because many are saying them.

The Bible is clear, it is the prayers of the ones who will humble themselves, seek to know God, turn from their wicked ways, and fully depend on Him, that are powerful. Do you want a more powerful prayer life?

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Strengthen your relationship with God. The power is in the relationship, not the s. Prayer: Power in s? Have a Comment? Cancel reply. Looking for something specific? Search for:.

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