No offence but Grand Forks woman are snobs

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Was Fargo "penalized" for its success in containing the Red River that fateful year, waiting hat in hand while federal millions for flood prevention flowed to Grand Forks?

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Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker touched off something of a storm in the northern Red River Valley on Friday when he told an area Chamber of Commerce forum that his city was penalized in for its flood-fighting success. In a telephone interview Friday afternoon, Walaker said he didn't mean the comment to be disparaging toward Grand Forks.

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As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging failure. You did your best, and you failed. You put up a massive effort, but you were unable to contain the river.

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He called the Grand Forks dike system "a magnificent project" and said he would "be thrilled to have half the project" that was put together after with massive state and federal assistance. The disastrous flood remains a sensitive issue for people who lived through it, and some -- clearly proud of the city's fight -- were quick to challenge what sounded to them like a dismissive remark.

From Larimore, N. Is it failure, the fact that no lives were lost thanks to the dedicated hours of first responders, nurses and others who worked overtime without pay?

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She also cited the "thousands of volunteers," including people from Grand Forks Air Force Base, who chipped in before, during and after the devastating flood. Paul N. Then the government gives us tons of money for it!!

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What a joke. I'd say Fargo has a point.

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The government rewards idiocy. Walaker, a Fargo native and civil engineering graduate of North Dakota State University, was the city's director of operations before his election as mayor in June He said the latest flooding forecasts were alarming and should inspire people and communities along the river to cooperate. You are recovering, your population is back up, you have an excellent flood protection system in place -- and I say more power to you.

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No offence but Grand Forks woman are snobs

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Walaker: No offense meant on '97 GF flood fight comments