Men of the south

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To renew a subscription please first. Moylan family. Working around the clock, Albert Wood and the instructing solicitor, Barry Sullivan from Mallow, successfully obtained a writ of habeas corpus.

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It was the start of a lifelong friendship. Albert Wood was a patron of the arts. He introduced Moylan to the world of art, taking him on his first visit to the National Gallery in Dublin.

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In conversation during these sittings, Keating became familiar with the background and attitude of the fighting men of North Cork. Wood was also a constant visitor to the studio, Men of the south the idea came to him that such men and their actions were the raw material for a painting that would capture for posterity the history and spirit of this troubled period. He arranged for them to travel to Dublin with their guns so that they could sit for Keating in his studio at the Metropolitan School of Art, Kildare Street.

He got permission to set up his studio in the Mansion House instead. He returned to Kildare Street and set about making a second version of Men of the South. Fearing that the July truce might not hold, he thought it unwise to provide the British with a picture of himself.

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Keating painted the figures one by one and later observed critically that the new picture was not as coherent as the first because of the resulting piecemeal approach. Crawford Municipal Art Gallery. He believed at the time that the Truce would not hold, and under such circumstances he felt it was unwise that his picture should be available to the British.

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Keating devised a new composition p. Later, he observed critically that the new picture was not as coherent as the first because of the resulting piecemeal approach.

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Keating noted that the original. Men of the South was exhibited at the RHA annual exhibition of The Irish Independent gave this rousing report of exhibit How dead and sawdust-stuffed would the average war picture appear beside this thing, so full of life! And it is Men of the south sale! The work depicts a group of ordinary men in pursuit of an ideal. What they lacked in uniforms and artillery was more than compensated for by their formidable courage and determination. He has given this rugged group of men from Duhallow and the environs of North Cork a visual interpretation that has become part of our patriotic identity.

Clifford ed.

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