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They met at a church in Chatsworth nearly two years ago, where they each took a shower every Saturday before sitting down for lunch with a group of homeless people. One day, as others hurried to leave after a quick prayer, the women stayed and started a conversation. Their friendship grew. Carrillo, 48, would often bring her friend clothes, shoes and warm food.

They would go together to community meetings about homeless housing proposed for the neighborhood where the two slept in their tents. Sometimes Sprock would disappear and then suddenly pop up again, Carrillo said. She knew Sprock suffered from dementia and she wondered where Sprock was from. Did she have a family?

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Did her relatives know that she was sleeping on the sidewalks? But a few weeks following a deadly crash, where Sprock was fatally hit by a car in Chatsworth, Carrillo is trying to piece together what happened to her friend and whether she can find and notify her family. According to a recent study issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Healththe of deaths among unsheltered people increased from in to 1, in On the night of Nov. Carrillo put her bags on the ground, took the box and headed back to the gas station. She reappeared a few minutes later with warmed up food.

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Sprock asked her if she would help her move her belongings. When the women moved the shopping carts near the intersection of Nordhoff Street and Jordan Avenue, Sprock said she found a label on the ground that had a date on it. She asked her friend if it was Nov. She said she had been gone for a long time. Then she headed out to rest. Carrillo returned to her own tent and fell asleep.

It was about 2 a. When she woke up the next morning, she learned that Sprock came back around 4 a.

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When Carrillo heard that a homeless woman was hit by a car nearby, she called the police and asked about the accident. She learned that the victim was in her 60s, wore a blue jacket, tennis shoes and back brace. She also spoke at a vigil earlier this week hosted to honor her friend and another homeless woman who died from hypothermia last month. She thinks Sprock might have relatives in Pomona. She is not just a homeless person.

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She is somebody. By Olga Grigoryants ogrigoryants scng. More in Uncategorized.

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