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Lulu lets girls do just that—and the app has caught on like wildfire. But is it sexist? Isabel Wilkinson reports. Last spring, Ellie Claxton, a year-old freshman at Auburn University, entered a contest. But what she had to do was less than ordinary: she was asked to rate her male friends using a new iPhone app called Lulu.

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The first girl to rate guys on the app won the prize money. Claxton quickly began rating her Facebook friends—guys she knew—and then broadened, reviewing guys that been selected for her at random. As part of the process, she ased each guy hashtags pre-chosen for her by Lulu. Lulu, now Lulu rate guys months old, is rapidly gaining popularity. Using the app, girls can anonymously rate and review their male Facebook friends, as well as men they don't know, completely anonymously.

The app launched in February and now boasts 1 million users—all of whom are girls, and most of whom are between the ages of 18 and Since Lulu began, it has seen million profile views, and according to Appdata.

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Because of the nature of the app—and the teeny, twangy language it employs—Lulu unsurprisingly targets girls on college campuses. The creators have launched several contests similar to the one Claxton won last Lulu rate guys, offering money in exchange for reviews and also soliciting people to get others to download the app. Men are also starting to catch on to the fact that there now exists performance reviews of their behavior on an app—a sort of secretive, girls-only version of Consumer Reports.

And apparently, some guys are liking the attention: according to the founders, half a million men have sent requests to have themselves reviewed by girls on Lulu.

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Talk about masochism. Not to mention that the reviews are expressed as a review out of What if someone scores a 3?

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Consider, for a minute, how different it would be if the roles were reversed—and if only guys used the app to rate girls. Undoubtedly, Lulu is a form of cyberbullying. But Chong says the founders have been careful to keep Lulu from being too mean about guys. Once guys understand it better, they see it as a secret weapon to engage and Lulu rate guys to their advantage. But we are taking real-world experience and using the technology out there today to harness that.

Next, she says, Lulu will to expand into health and beauty. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Isabel Wilkinson. Updated Jul.

Lulu rate guys

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