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Member of the Scrlpps Northwest l. Tacoma, Wash. Publlshsd by the Taooma Tli. Offuclal paper City of Tacoma. Ratee—By mall, to cents a month I IS m year; by carrier, 15 cents a month. Telephone, all departments. Main IS. The Only Way Out Two perfectly practical things the government can do to put an end to the present food situation. The American railroad system having broken down and gone to pot, the government can exercise its emergency powers, take possession of What is left of the system and operate it for the Common Jood instead of the profits of cormorant fortune grabbers.

It can, for the time being, commandeer food supplies and sell them to the public at coat. But this time if tho same as war tinio —a war hotwoon groody profit grabber! It is useless to expect the least relief from private sources.

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Railroad companies exist to make dividends for stockholders, not to transport food for the public. Retailers aro at the mercy of wholesalers, wholesalers at the mercy of manufacturers and shippers, manufacturers and shippers at the mercy of huge combinations, trusts and corporations impersonal, impenetrable, organised tosqueese the utmost of profits out of each situation but Utterly incapable of meeting any such situation as this.

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It is no time for theories, no time for more investigations and no tinio for the trilobites of legislation that kuow nothing about Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28 world this side of the Lower Silurian. With a superabundance of food, frith wealth inconceivable, with money piled up here until all mankind is aghast, millions of people are forced to go [With empty bellies.

We ought to know what that moans, and if wo don't we can find out easily enough if we will read a little history. Also wo can find out in another way and at a vastly higher price if we Stand dawdling about telling people to keep quiet and put up with starvation in the sight of abundant food. Now is the time to get busy! Take the railro and start the cars running. Commandeer food supplies, and bust the corners, lost a worse thing come upon us! Darn women, anyhow!

We always swore we'd never have one In the office, when Wo got to running a newspaper. It used to get our goat when we'd have to Interrupt our thrilling of the runaway on Main street to help tho cooking expert move her desk. It used to make us peovlsh to have to take society notes Over the phone In the society editor's absence. It used to drive us wild when the office cashier would srailo as she handed out our Thursday night "advance on salary. We've noticed that the sweet young thing just out of high.

School knows the names of people in this town a hit better than does the police reporter. It has come to our attention that when. Miss Abbott says Bonn-thing the women of Tacoma Bra far more likely to take It to heart Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28 if one of us mere men says it. We've noticed that the fashion critic, knows Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28 about baseball than we do about tucks ami gores.

We regret to say that we've noticed that this column hasn't as many readers as "Confessions of a Wife. A trial was made in Austria to decide in how short a space of time living trees could be converted into newspapers. At Elsenthal, on April 17, at in the morning, three trees were sawn down; at the wood, having been stripped of bark, cut up and converted into pulp, became paper, and passed from the factory to the press, from whence the first printed and folded copy was issued at 10 o'clock.

In ininutes the trees had become newspapers. Think of sending our navy out witli shells which will not stand the test and which the enemy knows will not stand the test: vj s like furnishing our army with Mour instead of powder for its guns. It 1b murder, for the sake of private profit, and hanging rather than mere loss of business would lie the punishment more nearly fitting the crime. Of inch shells for our vaunted great dreadnaught guns submitted by the Hethelehem Steel Co. Of the C-uclble Sleel Co. Of the shells submitted by the Hadfields of England all passed. When the Hadfields underbid the American shell makers by something like 20 per cent and Daniels favored going abroad for our shells, the American makers set up a great howl.

It would "hurt business. Daniels was an idiot. All the old-fashioned whining and threatening usual when a graft cinch upon easy old Cncle Sam was threatened came forth. But Daniels stands by his guns. We repeat that for the sort of rascality tltat Daniels has exposed there ought to be some hotter puulshment than mere lost of business. New York Post, protesting against censorship, says "We all know what happened in when the Emperor Napoleon by his control of the press completely deceived the French republic.

Fred Shaw, Soutli. Subject, "Proportionate and Systematic Giving. Schoeffler, South Fife street. Fdmond F. Thia is a question which Tacoma grandmothers aa well aa debutantes will have to decide when selecting a costume for tho Kaster parade. But the one-piece threatens to prove the best bet so far as general popularity 1b concerned, a trip through Tacoma stores would indicate. It has the charm of novelty and its effect Is usually much more Juvenile than tliaf of a skirt and coat. However, the one Indispensable feature of the average woman's of the department of history of the University of Washington, will give an address at the open meeting of the Woman's club Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the woman's clubhouse.

He will be guest of honor at a luncheon at the clubhouse at 12 o'clock. Reservations may be made by telephoning Mrs. Friday evening at Tilt, Prof. Gem-go B. Slioup of the station will discuss poultry raising, and Saturday afternoon at 2 Miss Sutherland of the state college at Pullman will talk on home economics. Peterson, South Sprague St. Ous Norton. Oroggiu and Mra. Anna Reede, both of Orting.

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The rooms will be open Wednesday and Thursday to receive goods, and all friends of the clubwomen and those interested in lifting the load they are carrying, are asked to bring whatever they can spare to be turned into money for the fund. Articles which It Is Impossible to bring to the rooms will be called for, by telephoning Mrs. York, Mrs. Allen or Mrs. Frank Andrews, of the committee lln charge. Topaz circle, Women ot Woodcraft, will meet Thursday with Mrs.

Crow, 40C North X st.

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Central W. Osbiirn will speak of Rest Cottage, : national W. Ly; dla Schoettler and Miss Abble E. Danforth will speak on the life of Lillian Stevens; and Mrs. George W. Thompson will render a solo. Nettie llallenbeek is In charge of the program. Refreshments will be served. Perry's card on it. It said: 'My dear Miss Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28 old friend, Jeff Perrygreen, who is also a friend and classmate of mine, is in town and both he and I want you to dine with ub this evening. I want to tell you how wonderfully the bed of old-fashioned pinks In your mother's garden is blooming under my mother's care.

I could distinctly smell the spicy odor of the homely posies. I will, darling,' and quickly I put as many of tho pinks into her hands as they would hold. She looked like an angel over the rosy blossoms and confidently she pursed up her mouth for a kiss. Earnest Lawton and this Is Earnestine. Lawton inquired.

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Lawton, but she seemed to dismiss her annoying thoughts immediately. Ruth's sister and Earnest's wife seemed absurdly young to have even a threeyear-old. I could not help thinking that probably her love story with Earnest Lawton was much like my own. Also, I know now why I got my chance at tho part of Elga. Lawton, but when the play was ready for rehearsal the break had come between them and chance had flung me In the breach. Come along, baby child,' said Earnestlne's mother.

During youth, and even middle age, the average per. But it is the last third of your life, or from middle age to old age, that you are soroly in need of a good set of teeth. At this stage of life your general system is weakening instead of strengthening, and good teeth are necessary for the preparation of food lieforc It reaches the stomach. Prepare for the future and have your teeth attended to today. The generous fullness of spring coats, and their collars and cuffs of remarkable size suggest the matronly rather than the debutante type of figure.

The one-piece dress of the accompanying illustration shows an unusually artistic arrangement of pointed skirt gores which extend above the girdle. These points cut the belt line alio thug diminish the apparent breadth of the figure. You said not long ago that revenge is not sweet, but bitter. Hut, Miss Grey, in my case, I have almost come to the conclusion that it would be sweet, very sweet. Until the past two months I was the mother of a sweet little girl; but tlod was good to Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28 and took her away.

I am unmarried.

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The father of my baby promised to do everything for mer but since tho death of the child has done nothing, and when I call htm up, he hangs up the receiver. If 1 write, I get no answer. He is married and his wife knows about me, but seems to glory in my unhnpplness. If I ever chance to meet her she makes a special effort to tell me what a fine husband she has and how good he Is to her.

Don't you think, Miss Grey, in tlie face of everything I would be justified in my revenge? And that you aro paying many times for both yours uud the man's mistake is evident; but oven so, two wrongs never made one right. The satisfaction you contemplate from such a course would never be yours.

I To seek revenge denotes v low form of intelligence. Make your wretched experience a stop toward wisdom, and let retribution overtake the man without your help. Hotter keep away from them hnlli. Some time in the years to come you are bound to find pence, if not happiness. Dear Miss Grey: To use "Elizabeth's" own phrase, her letter is "to much for me. The strongest Influence that can be brought to bear on a young man Is that of the girls with whom he associates. Try forgetting yourself, Elizabeth, and get very much interested in some man. Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28 can pretend to be If he is not a bit Interesting.

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Some time when he looks at you as If ho had just discovered something that Interested him very much, you will realize that making him see you was about the most interesting task you ever undertook, and I'm sure you will find so much pleasure In practicing your friendship talent that you will forget the "easy girl" and bo will the man.

I deliberately left him for no reason, except that I fell dead In love head over heels with a man I'd give this beautiful world of wealth for. He was more than the world to me and I got a divorce which Wednesday, Feb.

Lonely 28 Tacoma Washington side 28

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