Kissing a foot

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A character kissing someone's hand is used sometimes for romance, and other times to show humility. Sometimes, though, it's not the hand they kiss, but they aim much lower Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

Kissing someone's feet or shoes can mean many different things. It often means an even greater humility than hand-kissing, or even more often can be used to show submission "Now you have to kiss my feet! Less often, it is used romantically. In period settings, kissing the hem of a woman's gown is a common substitution. Quite a few egotistical and evil Kissing a foot demand from their underlings this gesture as a of acceptance of their dominance, without always seeing The Starscream who swallows his pride and plays along for some time.

Even when it's not meant Kissing a foot be Compare Literal Ass-Kissingwhich is an even more humiliating gesture of submission that is more likely to be Played for Laughs. Community Showcase More.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. You can kiss m' sandals. In an old Italian commercial for Ollis socks, after a man plays footsie with two women in a restaurant and one of them starts to dance in her socks, the man takes off one of her socks and kisses her bare foot.

The foot massage in that episode of Death Note is considered fetish material by some, but given the rather blatant religious symbolism in the series, it can be interpreted in a of ways. In Akame ga Kill! She also tortured him to the point that he's euphoric about this. Akio in Revolutionary Girl Utena is a master of foot kissing, and memorably does it to Mrs. Unusually, it's actually a of dominanceshowing how he was able Kissing a foot use sex to cut off her attempts to usurp his authority as chairman. In Kunihiko Ikuhara 's series Penguindrumthe second OP has a scene where Yuri swings her foot and it looks she'll get this from Tabuki.

There's a subversion, though. Shimoneta : In episode 8, Kosuri plays on Tanukichi's insecurities by claiming she had accomplished more for SOX than he had, and mused she could easily convince Ayame to kick him out. Unless he could Kissing a foot her not to by licking her foot. It's implied that he submits, though isn't shown onscreen. Prison School : During the boys' first day in prison, Meiko orders Andre to lick her boots for shielding Jo from one of her beatings.

She relents when Kiyoshi points out that she's taking things too far. Oddly enough Andre gets angry at Kiyoshi since he actually likes being bullied by Meiko. During the cavalry battle, Meiko and Risa both compete for Andre's attention by offering their shoes for him to lick. As Andre is tempted by both, their offers escalate: Meiko spits on her shoe to add to its appeal to Andre, whereas Risa offers to let him lick both her shoes.

Meiko then verbally berates Andre, knowing he enjoys it. In retaliation, Risa kicks off both her shoes and dangles her bare feet in front of Andre's face. The boys watching the scene unfold note that Risa has deliberately chosen to not wear socks in her sneakers that day to a sports festival, when even Hana, who on any other day would never wear socks, has on a pair of no-show socks in her shoes just to make her feet as stinky and drenched in sweat as possible because she knows Andre would like it.

In Negima! Magister Negi Magiafter Negi asks Evangeline if she will teach him magic. Her response:" Lick my feet and be my slave ". She promptly gets kicked in the head by Asuna. Since Negi wasn't entirely aware of the implications it looks like he may have actually done it if Asuna had not stepped in on his behalf. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple has Nijima telling Kenichi to kiss his foot in exchange for some information.

Kenichi decides to just beat it out of him. Rusafa has a not-so-secret love for Yuri, and Kissing a foot Urhi leaves, saying Rusafa can finally do whatever he wants to her. Instead of doing something one might expect after everything else so far in the series, Rusafa just kisses Yuri's feet Kissing a foot and over. In Episode 2 of Umineko: When They CryKissing a foot demands that Kanon and later Battler kiss her feet to ify their surrender and total submission to her.

In episode 9 of Black Butler an old man is seen briefly kissing the foot of the much younger Alois and later Ciel. In episode 10, Claude is basically orgasming over Ciel, even going as far as to kiss his foot, while Sebastian is watching outside of the mansion with a somewhat jealous face. In chapter 91 of Code:Breakerthe main character Ogami defeats his self-proclaimed nemesis Haruto the Mercenary.

After knocking him to the floor, Ogami steps on his face and says that he is "purchasing him", and demands that he lick and kiss his shoes and feet. He later reveals that it was all an act, to try and get Haruto to repent. In ReZero Priscilla tells Subaru to lick her feet. He almost does so. In Accel WorldHaruyuki does this for Niko after she agrees to teach him and Takumu about the incarnate system. She responds by kicking him. In Food Wars! It's just an imaginary reaction, of course. In Yuri!!! Also used later in Soushi's backstory as characterization with Kissing a foot commanding him to kiss his foot upon their first meeting.

Soushi went to do it without hesitation but Kagerou didn't actually expect him to do it. Mash is not amused with this. And while he's down on the floor she kicks him brutally in the head. All this is for a horrified Usagi's benefit.

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Comic Books. Used when X-Men member Chamber is forced to kiss the boot of a bully at the school where he was operating undercover. Having no mouth, Chamber instead spent the time down there tying the bully's shoes together. The cover of a Superman issue has him being forced to kiss Star Sapphire's feet. Wonder Woman Vol 1 : When Queen Atomia's court is first seen, one of her "subjects" is just rising from kneeling at her feet to do kiss her feet.

Wonder Woman: The HiketeiaAs part of the titular Hiketeia ritual, a potential supplicant must prostrate themselves and this involves kissing the foot and thigh region of the person they wish to protect them. The character Danny does this to Diana when she comes looking for sanctuary from Batman and the police. Batman attempts this also but it gets him a foot to the face. Comic Strips. Gahan Wilson once drew a cartoon for The New Yorker which depicts a psychiatrist kissing his Kissing a foot patient's foot, while the Kissing a foot growls "Doctor, this is not helping my messiah complex!

Sunsplit Saga : In " Sunsplit ", after Twilight promises something very important to Sunburst, he does this, or I Kiss Your Handas hooves serve as both, and it's not mentioned which one he's kissing, and then Starlight walks in: " Princess," the stallion said with utmost sincerity, "please just kill me now.

In The Lion Kingwhen Pumbaa finds out that Simba is the king, he starts groveling, trying to kiss Simba's paws. In A Clockwork OrangeAlex DeLarge is forced to lick the sole of the shoe of a man who's bullying him on stage to show off how "reformed" he is. In BaazigarVillain Protagonist Ajay kisses the feet of his girlfriend Seema, the daughter of his nemesis Chopra, before pushing her to her death. The producer in Barton Fink Kissing a foot to make his assistant kiss Fink's feet, but when the confused assistant fails to do so, he does it himself. Which makes the Downer Ending even more of a downer.

In Cherry FallsJody Marken Brittany Murphy tells her boyfriend Kenny Gabirel Mann to bite her toe, and as he sucks her toe, she continuously tells him to "bite harder" as she slaps his face with her other foot. An instance between Kirill and Nikolai occurs very briefly in Eastern Promises. It's because Kirill's ridiculously drunk, though, and crushing on him to boot. Given how Kissing a foot he is, it's more like falling on his shoes, too. From Russia with Love - Red Grant is enough of a psycho sadist that merely killing Bond wouldn't be enough: The first shot won't kill you.

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Neither will the second, nor the third After undergoing the Ludovich technique, Alex from A Clockwork Orange is forced into a series of public, humiliating situations to prove that he's been "reformed" — the first one ends with him licking a bully's shoes in an attempt to stop him from further beating him up, Kissing a foot he can't fight back without becoming nauseous.

In BearheadMadame Hexaba demands Bearhead kiss her feet to show his sincere remorse after his first mess-up. He does as he's told, but rather than kneeling to reach her feet, he pulls her feet up to his face.

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In Carpe JugulumIgor describes the Old Count as "a gentleman, whose boots I was not fit to lick clean", before adding that, nonetheless, he did. In the Hurog duology, a slave does this to the master. Bastilla to Kariarn, more precisely. The main characters think it is disgusting as it serves mainly as symbol of slavery and subservience. In A Song of Ice and Fire Daenerys ends up getting her Kissing a foot feet kissed numerous times, often while astride a horse. Lampshaded once when an old enemy hiding among the slaves Daenerys has freed uses the opportunity for an attempted assassination.

A variant in Andre Norton 's historical novel Shadow Hawk : the hero Rahotep, at an audience with Pharaoh Kamose, was about to kiss the ground in front Kissing a foot the ruler's feet in accordance with protocol. But Kamose slid a foot forward, granting Rahotep the special honor of touching the royal person. Particularly impressive to the witnesses as the hero had just recently been under suspicion of treason. You want to know why The Bible makes such a big deal about Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles?

Just like the modern Arabs, Hebrews regarded feet as particularly loathsome, and foot-washing was the closest one could get to foot-kissing without debasing oneself. That Jesus would wash somebody else's feet was a mark of exceptional humility for someone claiming to be a Messianic Archetype and the rightful King of the Jews.

Normal respectful greetings involve kissing the back of a person's hands. When it's a high superior note or someone you owe big one adds their feet as well. In The Scarlet PimpernelPercy kisses every step that his estranged wife has taken, showing that despite their problems, he is still desperately in love with her.

In the second Circle Opens book, Evvy kisses the foot of Lady Zenadia the Big Bad of the book after she's been kidnapped and taken to the lady's home, but it's only part Kissing a foot her act to fool the lady into thinking she's grateful to be living with and working for her. A scene in Bentley Little's The Store has a rather The customer then asks for two pair of the sandals.

Kissing a foot

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