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Whatever the explanation, Illinois Wesleyan University has provided the setting for countless romantic moments, and a springboard for thousands of loving relationships that have lasted lifetimes. That makes for 1, couples, comprising almost 20 percent of the total population of IWU alumni. To celebrate this tender tradition, we recently asked our readers to submit reminiscences about their campus romances.

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More than 30 alumni couples and several individuals responded with detailed Iwu dating site of their amorous adventures as Illinois Wesleyan students. What follows is a summary of highlights of those entries. Complete versions of all the entries can be read by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this story. Also included are past and present photos of many of the couples, as well as a place where you can submit your own romantic memories for possible inclusion on our Web site.

First Impressions. Whether it was instant chemistry or a more slow-burning attraction, IWU couples reveal how their relationships got started. He asked me for a date and the rest is history.

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But with both working jobs for room and board, there was little chance to socialize. So, the following fall, Stanley hatched a plan. Twice-weekly chapel attendance was mandatory, with seats ased to check attendance by Professor of Religion Isaac Corn.

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Stanley persuaded the good professor to make sure that Evelyn would be seated next to him. Any ball game, any play, any visiting artist, or any concert, I had to go to with Stanley. That great American male pastime of girl-watching paid off for several alumni in their search for mates. The future Mrs. Frank arranged a double date so that Raymond could meet the Iwu dating site of his eye in person. Several couples reported that their first meetings were of a more academic nature. It took us about six months to realize that there was definitely a chemistry between us.

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So for a good year or so, we just Iwu dating site each other as German Beaty Iwu dating site Mercedes Gruber. The line formed on the first day of Freshmen Week behind Pfeiffer Hall, and yep, there he was, beanie and all, right in front of me. True Love Conquers. Illinois Wesleyan couples surmount world wars and other obstacles to keep their love alive. More than 1, Illinois Wesleyan men and women served in the war, at least 48 died, and when it was over, Iwu dating site of veterans funded by the G.

Bill crowded the campus. Many rekindled old flames, others ignited new passions. The end result was lots of babies. Just five days before he was scheduled to return overseas, she agreed. They asked for help from their religion professor, Isaac Corn, who married them in the Bible Garden next to Buck Library. The couple bonded through their wartime letters, and as soon as Harry was discharged inJanice eagerly agreed to be his wife. They were wed over Christmas vacation, but not before Janice, who was still a student, obtained permission to marry from IWU President William Shaw, in accordance with the rules of that time.

Though not as dramatic an obstacle as war, other couples overcame the burdens of time and distance to keep their lovelights burning. After just meeting, they were forced apart by summer jobs that kept Jeremy in Bloomington and Natasha in Chicago. They traveled thousands of miles of interstate in those three months. As a voice-performance major, Phyllis endured long hours of rehearsal in Presser Hall. Have you done what you wanted to do? We were married the following June.

We have just celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary and are living happily ever after. This Magic Moment. Alumni pairs describe episodes in their courtships that hold special meaning. I always cast a fond look at the bell tower when we go to IWU football games.

Three times around, she got engaged. Academic life provided a venue for some notable moments. During the numerous trumpet recitals he gave during his four years as a music-performance major, Jim always insisted that Leanne accompany him on piano—except for his senior recital, when Leanne played drums instead.

When the time came to propose marriage, several alumni went out of their way to make the event memorable. He convinced me to go in and wait upstairs near the big window so we could see his friend arrive. We went upstairs and sat down. Then he got down on one knee and proposed—what a shock! Obviously, I said yes. Afterwards, the limo drove us around town. The couple met in Bloomington. We stopped and sat on the old stone bench near Shaw Hall It was there that Shawn proposed to me. He had said that since I was such a big part of his life while at Wesleyan, he thought it would only be appropriate to have me as the biggest part of his life for the rest of his life.

Of course I said yes, but I had to go to an evening practice for my student teaching—so a hundred high school students found out before my family. Because the ceremony went so well, Eric and Jodie decided to start dating a month later. Their real-life wedding occurred Iwu dating site June Jodie again wore white, but left the Sox cap at home.

Reprising his role as best man, Savage elected to wear pants this time. Who knew? We had a large basket of food, pop, and blankets with us at the curb Our friends drove up in a roter.

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That gave us two seats for people and picnic food. Jack and I decided we could fit in the trunk if we had a stick to hold up the lid and a rope to secure it in place. After the wedding, they moved into a new house that had little in the way of furniture. But Iwu dating site hot dinner could be served to more than four, if the guests brought a chair. But all of the alumni couples who shared their love stories seem to hold a special place in their hearts for the place where those stories began.

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Future IWU Magazine editors, please note—this is one story that definitely deserves a sequel. IWU Magazine. Love, Illinois Wesleyan Style Alumni couples share details of their campus romances. First Impressions Whether it was instant chemistry or a more slow-burning attraction, IWU couples reveal how their relationships got started.

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Iwu dating site

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