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In a society segregated and stratified by race, but increasingly racially mixed, people are faced with more opportunities than ever for developing - and changing - their ideas Interracial dating personal race and interracial relations. Skinner and colleagues found that monoracial Black or White people favored same-race couples over mixed-race couples.

Multi-racial participants, she reasoned, have more flexible racial identities and have few romantic options that are not themselves multiracial. Accordingly, mixed race people had no implicit preferences for same-race versus interracial couples, and expresses an explicit preference for interracial couples.

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Across all racial groups, having more personal contact with interracial couples predicted improved attitudes toward interracial couples, offering insight as to how these attitudes might be improved. According to his research, exposure can even backfire under the wrong conditions.

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Rae solicited responses from 35, people, who reported their personal contact with people from racial outgroups in Interracial dating personal like friendship and romantic relationships. The researchers combined this data with the proportion of diversity in each state and county. White people, on average, reported only one close relationship with someone of a different race. For those who reported above-average contact two relationships with people of other races, the diversity in their state or county had nothing to do with their attitudes toward Black people.

And for people who reported zero interracial contact, more diversity predicted more negative attitudes toward racial outgroups.

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This nuance in how diversity changes attitudes cautions us that rather than directly reducing prejudice, diversity can seem threatening to majority groups e. Thus, these threats could be overcome by diversity paired with equality, where racial groups are equal in status, offering the potential for people to develop experiences of positive interpersonal contact.

Everything that people think, feel, and do is affected by some combination of their personal characteristics and features of the social context they are in at the time. Interracial dating personal 02, Personal Relationships Weaken Interracial Bias.

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Interracial dating personal

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