How to look better in pictures men

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That might have you wondering how to look good in photos. We know, we know. You already look good, as do a slew of other men out there posing for pictures on the daily. Not exactly.

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Read on for some pointers on how to look good in photos. It might sound paradoxical at first, but a lot of effort can go in to pulling off a natural smile.

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The more natural the smile, the better the photo. It might sound like the stuff of junk science, but recent studies have indeed shown that the left side of your face is commonly more attractive than the right.

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Supposedly, it has something to do with the left cheek being more emotive than the right one. Putting all those studies aside, most folks will tell you that posing at an angle is preferable to looking straight ahead, meaning you kind of have to choose a side anyway. You might as well go with the one that has all sorts of hard data supporting it. As most models can tell you, angles are everything. Harsh, direct light can result in hard shadows or simply make your skin look unflattering.

Aim for soft light instead, which conceals blemishes and generally le to better-looking pictures. Look through those photos and isolate the ones where you look your best.

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See if you can find any patterns between all your greatest hits, and remember to utilise those patterns moving forward. However, the advice is still sound. Instead, relax and be yourself, and let the camera capture you in an honest and expressive state. You want to be a better younot a better someone else. Anything that helps loosen you up and act more naturally will make for better photos. Picture the girl of your dreams looking at a photo of you for the first time.

Now picture her laughing warmly i. For that reason alone, you should remember to be playful and have fun while posing for photos. Plus, you know what women always say about a man with a sense of humour. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, making them pretty damn important when it comes to impressions. However, finding the perfect gaze can be tricky.

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To do this, you can keep them closed and then open them, or look away and then look back. Also, remember to keep your eyes pointed toward the nearest light source—ideally a natural one—to give them an even greater and deeper glow.

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As most men can tell you: grooming is no longer optional. Be the guy who looks like he enjoys getting out of bed in the morning and facing the day. Similar to a quality grooming regimen, a sharp and contemporary wardrobe will take you far in life. Better You. AdviceFeatured. How to Become More Attractive in FeaturedFitness. Instagram Image.

How to look better in pictures men

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A Guide For Every Man On How To Look Photogenic Naturally