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Zachary, a former Israeli journalist, has been teaching at the center for five years. At first, the students were mainly adult American Jews who wanted to learn the language to improve their communication with relatives living in Israel.

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But in the Hot israeli guy two years, the student body changed to mainly young women of various religions. Dozens of young women come to the center to learn Hebrew to communicate better with Israeli men, who seem to have recently become a coveted commodity in the city. Some of the women are already involved in relationships with Israeli men; others are hoping to improve their chances of finding one. Fell was the first to realize she was onto a good thing, and after she met an observant Israeli, she hastened to introduce Mitchell to one of his friends.

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Since their husbands are observant, both women have begun to maintain a kosher kitchen and observe Shabbat. All for love. She first noticed the qualities of Israeli men in her homeland, where she met quite a few discharged soldiers on post-army trips. Now, in San Francisco, her interest in the genre has been renewed.

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Meanwhile, she has enrolled in a conversion program due to begin in the summer and is eagerly looking forward to her planned trip to Israel. The young women filling the Hebrew classes forced Zachary to change the curriculum. There are lots of nuances and expressions they find hard to understand.

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Most of them are attracted mainly to men of Mizrahi [Jewish Middle Eastern] origin, although I have a few here who are dating Ashkenazis [European Jews]. They like the warmth and close family ties — Mizrahi food. Some have even started listening to Mizrahi music. The new curriculum turned out to be a success, and the demand for courses is higher than ever. Men with similar aspirations followed the women to class — San Francisco men who like Israeli men. Daniel Ferman, 25, is a Jewish American who first met Israeli men when he took part in a day free trip to Israel through the Birthright Hot israeli guy.

With Israeli men you can also laugh about everything. Brad Ramey, 47, an American Jew, has had an Israeli boyfriend for the past four years. When he heard of the Hebrew lessons at the center, he enrolled. My family, for example, lives in Texas, and I see them only twice a year. There are no bars or clubs that serve as Israeli haunts in San Francisco, and most of the couples met online, mainly on JDate, which specializes in Jews and Israelis. Andrea Salnave, 22, a young American bartender, started dating an Israeli she met on the Internet six months ago.

Already, she wears a chain with a Star of David on it and has started the process of converting to Judaism. She Hot israeli guy finds time to slip into a bikini and compete in body building competitions. I started taking an interest in Judaism, spoke to a rabbi and found a synagogue that suited me.

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Life is too short to have doubts for too long. Salnave ed the Hebrew classes at the center just a week ago. I also like it that his appearance is very important to him and that he takes care to shave every day. The first thing they tell me is not to teach the women everything. Omer Shubert May. Updated: Apr. Get notification for articles from Omer Shubert Follow. Credit: Omer Shubert.

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In San Francisco, Israeli Men Are a Hot Commodity