Hook up negative first

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Their are a variety of reasons why you might remove your battery from your car, boat, mower, or other equipment with a battery. It could be to charge it or to replace it. Well, no matter why you removed Hook up negative first battery it brings up a common question when you go to put the battery back in and that is why wire to connect first. Their is a debate amongst people on if you should connect the positive wire or the negative wire first. Well, after reading this article you will have an answer and reasoning to this question. So, which terminal should be connected first when reinstalling a battery.

While that is true that not circuit is being made thru the battery, it is still possible to complete the circuit. That is why the answer to which wire to connect first is the positive wire. By the way, if you are intending recharge your car battery, i think you should have the best battery tender to do it, it will keep your battery in good condition.

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The reason you connect the positive first is that the negative is the ground wire. These sparks could shock you or worse short out the battery or other components. That is why it is important to make sure that the positive is connected first. With the positive connected, then when you go to connect the ground sparks will not occur because it will go into the ground wire.

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This will keep you safe as you connect the wires and also keep the components in your vehicle or equipment safe. When jumping a battery also want to make sure that you connect the positive clamp first and then the negative clamp. This is for the same reasoning as when reconnecting the battery.

It keeps sparks from happening and shorts from happening. This applies to the good battery as well as the dead battery. When disconnecting the battery or jumper cables it is the opposite. You disconnect the negative first and then the positive.

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Their are a variety of times when you need to connect a battery into your car or other piece of equipment such as a mower or boat. When you need to connect the battery it is important to connect the positive first and then the negative.

This keeps you safe as well as the equipment safe. A circuit can be made when connecting the battery be it the wires touching something or the tools that you are using.

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If it is already grounded and the positive wire touches something than a spark will occur. It is important when jumping a battery and connecting jumper cables to also remember to connect the positive terminal first.

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This applies to the good battery and the dead one. It is a good habit to always connect the positive first and then the negative and when disconnecting to disconnect the negative first and then the positive. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Car Batteries. Mike Cross. Updated Oct 18, Connect the positive clamp first and then the negative clamp when jump a battery. Life is too short to drive with stock audio.

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Hook up negative first

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