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I am going to narrate to you a story about the experience I had with my love, owner aunty Ranitha, during the lockdown days. You all know that people who traveled got stuck in those places. Our owner uncle is one such person who got stuck at his native with his kid while my owner aunty was in Bangalore.

I used to talk to our owners in a very friendly way. They were also very friendly to me. Due to this lockdown, she was not able to go out. So I asked her if she needed any help as I go out in the morning while the shops are open. For a few days, she said everything is there.

I used to ask every day and the same answer. But one fine day, I asked her the same, and she is a little hesitant to say yes. I saw that in her face and asked if she needs something. I asked her not to be formal, as this is not the time to be hesitant. She hesitantly said she needs help and asked me to wait for some time. She went inside and came down with a slip, written something on it, and asked to get that in the medical shop. I went and showed that to the medical shop.

They gave that and rolled in a paper. Then I realized she asked for p. I thought she would have felt hesitant to ask that. I went home and gave her back those and the change. She did not say a word. I also did not say anything and left their house. After a few days, she asked if I had breakfast in the message as she has my. I replied, and as I did and asked how about her.

I asked if everything is fine, and she replied yes. So after some time, she sent a message that she is cooking lunch for both of us. But she said to come down when I am hungry. At got a message that she is feeling hungry, and I can her for lunch. I went there, and she was ready to serve me the food. I saw a bandage on her right hand, which got hurt while she was cooking. She mentioned that when I asked what happened. She also ed Erotic aunty stories eating but she was not able to eat.

For that, I said I can feed her and started to help her eat. She felt shy initially, but slowly she started eating. Then suddenly, she planted a kiss on my cheek. I was shocked, and by the time I came out of my shock, she said she would feed me as well. I asked how. So she said to feed her and see how she would do that.

I kept food in her mouth, and she came close to me. She asked me to open my mouth and fed the food from her mouth into mine. She smooched me for 5 minutes. She is on me crossing her legs around my waist while I am on the sofa. I forgot to mention that she was in her night suit when I went for lunch.

Her saliva is so tasty and started sucking her tongue. Erotic aunty stories some time, we finished eating the same way we did, feeding each other. We even had water Erotic aunty stories same way. By the time we finished lunch, we had bitten Erotic aunty stories other kissing so passionately.

After some time, I took her in my arms to the bedroom. I started to caress her body from top to bottom. I started licking her beautiful feet and toenails painted in black. They were so beautiful to see with her fair skin tone with black nail polish.

I slowly came to her thighs, licking each part of her legs. I started touching her vagina lips with my lips. I went to her navel and kissed there for some time. All this time she was calling me by my name. She was pulling me up to come on her and hug her. I went up and played with the melons and sucked for a few minutes, which she enjoyed. She asked to do more while she played with my hard stuck rod with her beautiful hands and jerked it smoothly. Erotic aunty stories smooched and had eaten off each other, cuddling all over the bed.

We both cummed into each of our mouths and drank the juices. She was tired. I went to the fridge and got her some ice cream and fed her. She asked me to eat. I said I would but not this way. She asked then how. I said I am going to eat after making it sweeter. She was confused. I said to close her eyes and slowly applied ice cream on her vagina and inside it and started licking it. She was moaning. She took me onto her and started biting off my lips. She is busy getting my rod into her and started riding like a princess on the horse. It was heaven to see her moaning, biting my ears. I was sucking each other tongues while the pumping is going to the bottom.

This went on for some time. Then I cummed into her. She said that she enjoyed my juices, hitting her vagina walls so hard. She fell asleep on me while my rod was still inside her. We both fell asleep for more than Erotic aunty stories hugging each other. We enjoyed such sessions every day.

Sometimes I do massage to her, and she likes my yoni massage. I like her feeding me the way she feeds me, in which she has become an expert now. I hope she does the same to her husband once he is back. We Erotic aunty stories decided to stop this once he is back. Take care, guys. Author of this story wrote it for you for free. The least you can do is to let him know your feedback in the comments below.

Hello Readers, Good day. I am from Bangalore, aged 32, open for a secret relationship.

Erotic aunty stories

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