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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. This it the aeason of Agricultural Fairs, and the following verses wiittcn by Mr?. Fiances D. Gage for the Ohio Cultivator, will answer at vrej!

But twinkle of pleasure was his in ye, As he gazed en his stock so Here, give me that baby, dear Kate, you are tired, I fear you have too much care, You must rest and pitk up a little, 1 thir. Before we go to the lair. I d hate to be taking fat oxen, you know, Fat hogs, and fat sheep, and fut cows. With a wife at my elbow as poor as a crow, And care wrinkles shading her brow.

The orchard is bare but old Brindle is prime, And Lilly and Fan are a show, Your butter and chwse ran t be beat in the State, 4So up to the fair we will go. And garner new feelings, new thought and new ways, If we find those that suit as we roam.

And garner up strength with our he, hearts, and hands, Fvr the love and lue duties of bemo. For -months ti'tr the same weary round. That a fellow who had such a really hard time, In Ohio nowhere could be foimd, But when I've been called from my home for a while, And eeen how the rest get along, I've came back to my toil with a light, -cheerful heart, And" there's no place like home," was my song.

But there's one thing I claim, I know can't be beat, In the whole Yankee nation to-day, I'd not swap him, I know, for a kingdom to boot, That's my 'gude man" and Kate ran away. Cutting Corn-Fodder. Enas Sir. His plan is to cut off a foot or eighteen inches of the butts rjclbrcputUrg it tUro' the machine. This is -worked on the baru-fioor, with a one horse power, and the cut fodder dis charged through a funnel into the entry below, contiguous to the cow stables.

Here it is emp tied into a Ebensburg PA wife swapping box made for the purpose and holding about 34 bushel baskets full. This is well mixed up with an equal of quarts cf meal, and the whole slightly moistened. He lias 31 cows fastened up iu seperate stalls, and one bushel, heaped up, is found sufficient for a cow at a feed, and they are fed twice a day, eating it up clean. Under this management they are improv ing finely, and wintering as well as they u.

One sheaf of fodder cut up, making two good feeds, is worth here about three cents, making 21 cents per week. Sixteen quarts of meal per week for each cow is worth 32 cents. To'al for keep of cows, each per week, 53 cents. This is cheap wintering, and a strong illustration of the great advantage of Ebensburg PA wife swapping food for stock.

Such evi dence of what has been done, is worth s of theory in convincing farmers of the great loss they sustain in Ceding hay and Ebensburg PA wife swapping uncut. Not only will one ha'.

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Those of us who have been u. Hay is now worth from 10 to 20 per ton and by this plan of feeding corn-fodder, a saving of some tons and tho price of several machines may be effected in one winter, We have found in ot:r own exprience.

Oar readers will find in another place an cxcellant article from the Michigan Farmer on sowing corn for fodder, broadcast or in drills. Farm Journal. Paixt roa tocb Horses. Now is the time for preparation ; soon afier the heat of summer is over, say in September or October, is the best time to Ebensburg PA wife swapping. One coat laid in Autumn is equal xo two in ouramcr ; tnc lead dries more evenly, and oil holds it much longer than when spread in' hot weather. Taint laid on in Fall weather is more lasting than when put on in the Spring, because the surface becomes hardened through tne Winter without exposure to the intense heat of July and August, and is therefore much less likely to suffer from the effects of the ensuing sum mer.

Whenever white lead adheres to the hand when rubbed over it. FISHER takes this method of iu CjT forming his nuruorou friends throughout the county, that he has permanently luoated himself tit Hollidayahurg, where he is now prepared to furnish superior portraits to all that wish a good picture. After a long and serious time of experimenting in the Art, he is "now prepared to take the Ebensburg PA wife swapping kind of pictures in all kinds of weather.

A visit to his room and a trial is all that is asked. His object is to please, and having the best light in the Borough, be feels that no failure can Le made. Children taken iu the morn ing from 9 to 11, in the short space of one second.

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Instruction given m the art, embracing; all the improvements, on the most reasonable terms. Ap arutus and fixtures for Daguerreotypiug furnished. Hollidaysburg, Sept. Tlifs was for Coed oudC'lieaj Goods. Moore, in. Lccusbntg, a general assort ment of cloths, enssirneres, satiuetts, tweeds, and a great variety of summer goods. Together witii any quantity of prints, detains, lawns, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other dresa goods. Persons wanting boots nnd shoes, hats and cups or ready made clothing, will find it to their advan tage to call at the.

I5rl c5i Store. The subscriber, thankful lor past favois, ear nestly requests his customer. EbensbtarjrTApril 28, 1S Coacli Manufactory. THE subscribers would respectfully iuform the citizens of EbensLurg and the public gcuerally, that they will carry ou the Couch Making, inclu ding the Smith work at the Machine shop furmerly occupied by Mr. Anderson, iu the rear of E. Hughe's Store ; where by using none but tho choicest mate rial, nnd employing none but the best workmen, thc-y hope to convince all Ebensburg PA wife swapping v.

Persons wishing a bargain iu the pur chase of a carriage, will consult their own interests by giving theiu a call. Impairing done with neatness and despatch. May 20, The Grant House, Corner of 4th and Grand sts. His larder will be stocked with the most choice brands the markets can afford, Ebensburg PA wife swapping Lis liar furnished with the best. He would respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. Every delicacy and luxury will be provided in it season ; and no pains will be spared to make this Hotel a comfortable home to all who may cull there.

Pittsburg, Sept. JSoots and Shoe'. Carmen s Hotel, where they wiU le Loppy to j see ineir customers. Being practical workmen themselves, and using none but the very best materials, they are confident they can execute work as well and as cheap as any establishment in the county. Ebensburg, Sept 1, Johnstowa Pa. Nine Plato.

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LMiprtr c Parlor, Radiators, Etna. Star Franklin, fle IroiiM. Ware Room ou. July U, 18". Ho receives regularly from New Vork and Philadelphia the latest fashions and canuot be beat en either iu the shape or fit of Coats, Pants or Vests, by any other Tailor in tho country. He respectfully ask the public to give Ebensburg PA wife swapping a call, and confident his work will recommend itself.

All kinds of country produce taken in ex change for work. Tombs Stones! His yard is situated at the south part of the town, where a large assortment of articles in his line are always kept on hand. From long experience he frol i,fi. June 17, lo3. R 13 falU"g off.

Then call at Kittell s without delav. Slorr't Chemical JIair lnmaoraUtr. NfcS, GEO. Our stock comprises a much larger assortment than is generally kept by similar establishments, aud is particularly adapted to the Country Trade. Having -srrpirior facilities for procuring goods it is Ebensburg PA wife swapping hesitation that we defy competition from any quvter. We arc now receiving Birmingham and Sheffield Manufactures, purchased and forwarded by one of the 2'irm, who has been spending some months in England and Germany, nnd who will continue to keep us supplied with Foreign Hurdward bought from first bands only.

Western Merchants are Ebensburg PA wife swapping invited to au cxaiuiiirtion of our stock and prices to go ing further Eastward. Auiorig our assortment may be tound the following: 0o2-l doz. Knives and Forks, doz. Saddlery Hardware. We are continuing to make large tdditiou to this branch of our business. Sew Arrival of Watclie and Jew elry. On the corner of Clinton and locust Sts. All of the above articles are warmuted to be of the best material, uud will be sold rtry luir fur cash. ClocK and Watch Repairing. He has the best workmen in the country in his employ, and all work entrusted to him will be promptly attended to.

Thankful for past favors he solicits a continuance of the same, aad is confident he can give satisfac tion to ail who may give him a call. Goods Offered at Cost. The stock consists in part of Dry Goods, such as French, English ami American cloths, cassimeres, satiuetts, tweeds, pilot cloth, satin Valencia, aud other vestings, silks, alpaccas, luusdelains, bom bazines, and LADIES' DRESS GOODS, of every description; shawls, handkerchiofs,scarfs, cravats, tibbets, ribbons, gloves and hosiery of all descriptions, table linen, draptrs, crash, red, white, yellow and Canton flannels, linsey, blank ets aud coverlets, hickory shirting.

Irish linen, wl ite goods of every description, lacing, edging, Slc, hats, caps, bonuel? Country merchants will be supplied with any of the above splendid selections of goods at wholesale city prices, putting on only a nominal figure for freight. July 21, tf. Gents Wear. Blue, black, brown and broad cloths, plain and fancy casimcres, tweeds, summer cloth, linens, silks, satin, Valencia and marseills vesting. Hats, Caps, Boots.

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Ladies' Dress and Fancy Goods Prints, mous de fains, ginghams, lustres and fancy colored silks, bobinet, laeca and edging, j. Hardware, cutlery, nnd tools of various kinds. Queens-ware, Ebensburg PA wife swapping of many new aud splen did patterns. May 20, IS Look out lor tltc Locomotive! Cash and Produce Store! Ready Made Clothing, of all kinds and very best quality. Give it n trial. Hardware, Queensware, and Stoneware, of every variety comprising a large assortment. We flatter ourselves tiiat we can sell Stoves lower than any establishment in Cam bria county, aud being located on the Rail Road we can always secure a supply.

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Croeeries, Such as coffee, sugar, rice, molasses, tea, vinegar, linseed oil, sperm oil, tobacco, fish, salt, syrup, and every article necessxay to Ebensburg PA wife swapping this market. The public is solicited to call and examine our stock, as we are confident it will admit of inspec tion.

Xpsg- ah Kinds ot produce taken iu exchange for goods. Lumber bought at the highest market pri ces. May 17, Ccheu it has performed, the orignnl copies of which are in the possession of the proprietor. ZfQa, Let all who wish to purge the blood from the impurities contracted from the flee indulgene of the appetite during the winter, and to prepare tha system to resist summer epidemics, resort now to " Guysott's Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsa parilla," which is proving itself an antidote for many of the Tnost malignant diseases that llesh is heir to, and titey will never be disappointed ; for in this remedy the public faith has never wavered never can waver; for it is founded on experience, just as their want of faith in other nnd spurious, compounds is nlso founded ou experience.

Ebensburg PA wife swapping

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