Dry anr relationship

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Quick Survey - How do you like our Forum Software? Let us know in a 30 second survey. Status Not open for further replies. ed Jun 22, Has anyone here ever experienced an adult nursing relationship? Dry anr relationship now-ex husband and I started this a while back, kind of on accident. We never got to the point where I actually lactated, ours was dry nursing. This isnt about baby role playing. Dry anr relationship is two adults sharing one of the most intimate things you can with another person.

The bonding was incredible, it is very, very personal. He would suckle my breasts at bedtime, sometimes even falling asleep this way. I would hold him in my arms, stroke his hair, his face. He told me that this would bring him complete peace, and his usually too-busy mind would quiet down and he was completely relaxed. Sometimes he would latch on in the middle of the night when I was asleep We were nursing once to three times daily.

His suckling turned me on so much it was like nothing I've experienced, and the weird thing is that I had always had painfully sensitive nipples, but him latching on and sucking was crazy hot! So was seeing his mouth attached to my breast. I felt so connected with him and at peace. This is a very adult, very bonding experience. I just wish we would have continued it, maybe things would not have ended up the way they did. I dont know if I will ever be able to do this with another partner.

Anyone else? ed Dec 15, I see you got my PM. I'm a firm believer that anything done with consent between two loving married people is OK. I have done this and have read up on it quite a bit. You're right, it's absolutely not about baby role Dry anr relationship. It's all about, I love my wife's breasts! My wife thought it was creepy at first but now sometimes asks for it because it really calms her down when she's having trouble going to sleep. It also releases the bonding hormones within the woman which helps her to feel love for her partner.

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Lots of information if you google land of milk and honey anr. I have had Land of Milk and Honey bookmarked for months! I am surprised that no one else has commented on this, I figured this would be fairly Dry anr relationship among this group! I really miss it, its one of the main things I am missing about my husband since we split. I guess we're the two biggest perverts in this looney bin. That site is a great source of info and probably a better source of support. Sorry you won't be able to experience this for a while. But don't completely give up hope! ed Jul 31, ed Jul 6, Only people I've nursed are my children.

THAT would be creepy. ed Apr 27, I agree with that girl Posted via Mobile Device. ed Jan 17, It would bother me I hate my nipples being effed with. GinnyTonia said:. ed Aug 9, This actually does sound very intimate and sweet I Dry anr relationship think I'd enjoy being stimulated to the point of lactation honestly but i have super sensitive nipples that i really like having stimulated by my husband.

I don't think it would be considered ANR though because we've never had that in mind, but he will at times suckle them throughout the week just for his pleasure and mine. ed Sep 17, CarrWalterl said:. ed Aug 23, Maybe he really doesn't like it, he has never said, I will have to ask.

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Most of the action happens on the ariola, not on the nipple itself so it shouldn't feel too sensitive. It has the effect of releasing oxytocin in your body which is the bonding hormone. From what my wife tells me it make her feel a deep feeling of love for me when we do this. All I know is I have a breast in my mouth and that's great! ed Aug 22, At first I wasnt sure how to take this subject but the more I read the sexier it gets.

I dont know if my GF would be up for this or not as I am not sure she has much if any sensativity in Dry anr relationship nipples. They never get hard, they just stay the same all the time. Im thinking when she had implants put in she lost some feeling.

ed May 23, I'm currently nursing my youngest. I will say that nursing is a very bonding experience. There's no question that it is relaxing. When I'm stressed and I sit down to nurse my baby, I slowly start feeling relaxed and sleepy after my milk lets down and he has been suckling for a few minutes. I don't think of nursing as sexual though. As I stated above, it would be almost impossible for me Dry anr relationship separate nursing a newborn or toddler and suckling an adult man.

My wife used to ask me to "relieve" her when she became engorged and the baby was asleep or had enough. It wasn't a mother baby thing for her at that point it was just that she needed to empty out a bit.

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I was always happy to oblige. Like I said, my wife thought it was creepy at first too until about 5 or 10 minutes into it. Then she got relaxed and sleepy and the rest is history. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Talk About Marriage. A forum community dedicated to married life between you and your spouse. Come the discussion about love, romance, health, behavior, conflict resolution, care, and more! Explore Our Forums. Recommended Dry anr relationship.

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Dry anr relationship

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