Cold after smoking weed

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A drop in body temperature after consuming is actually common. Cannabis can even make you shiver. Some times the drop is just enough to cause shivering. Research also suggests that THC can cause the body to stop producing heat. This can contribute to cold hands or cold feet after smoking marijuana. It varies from person-to-person and appears to be dose dependent. Small doses of cannabinoids, CBD especially, appear Cold after smoking weed increase body temperature in an effect called cannabinoid-induced hyperthermia.

High-CBD strains are more likely to increase body temperature. Research is still limited because of the Cold after smoking weed classification of cannabishowever, studies indicate that thermoregulation effects of cannabinoids are dose-dependent. The amount of cannabis consumed determines the effects of body temperature.

If you consume a large dose of cannabinoids—like the amount of THC needed to feel high—then it will likely lower your body temperature causing THC-induced hypothermia. If, however, you microdose, using small amounts of marijuana, the cannabis can actually increase your body-temperature causing cannabinoid-induced hyperthermia instead. A few years ago, a friend, our children, and I took a trip to Niagara Falls.

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She cringed at the unbearable heat. Cold after smoking weed friend laughed at her cautious consumption. Then in a show of manly strength, he plunged a french fry deep into Death Sauce and plopped it in his mouth. The kids and I stared at him jaw-dropped. A short bit later, he was bleary-eyed and vomiting in the bathroom. He was suffering from capsaicin-induced Cold after smoking weed.

Just like eating chili peppers can affect your body temp, cannabinoids can affect your body temperature too. Chili peppers increase body temperature because they contain capsaicin, the component that gives chili peppers their heat. Capsaicin activates TRPA1. Inside the human body are transient receptor potential TRP channels. These are basically pathways for specific molecules. When the specified molecule enters these pathways—for example, capsaicin via hot sauce—the individual experiences physiologic effects.

TRP channels play a role in sensory perceptions like taste, temperature, pain, etc. It might be more than the TRP channels. Cannabis also causes a decrease in blood pressure or hypotension. One of the most common s of hypotensionor low blood pressure, is feeling cold. The effects of a strain can also vary from person-to-person.

Strains contain varying concentrations of cannabinoids. All side-effects of cannabisincluding thermoregulation and blood pressure control, differ depending on the cultivar and dosage. Buy Now. Weed chills are likely a combination of multiple physiologic effects after consuming cannabis.

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The body temperature decreases and the body slows or ceases to produce heat, while the blood pressure also drops. These factors combined with an increased awareness of sensory perception can make someone feel cold after smoking marijuana. Cannabis can and does affect your internal body temperature. Cannabis can make you feel cold, or it can make you feel hot, depending on how much you consume. Decrease your THC Cold after smoking weed.

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Body Temperature and Cannabis: Does Pot Influence Body Heat?