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Back in Sydney for the fisrt time in 8 month. Walk past checkers looks like it's closedown. Not surprising. Went there December last year with a few friends after a couple of beers. Miserable old Chinese lady Reception. Was Chequers massage review legal price list. Then told to go down Stairs and ask to go to a small room. Dirty inside. Chequers massage review smell the damp. Then a very short Thai lady come in naked. Bad pastic surgery on her face And funny fake tits. Absolute shit hole.

Had Thai lady named may from Chang rai fake tits plastic surgery everywhere. Fearne extra hundred bucks full sex. Even got her phone. Turns out she was illegally working now. HIV test for me. Rick G you are clueless, i was not going to argue with you but since you have put words in my mouth im going to slam you! RickG - take note of your own words - Lies, the place is a run down crap hole with grandmas working there.

Agree with your point regarding reviewing massage parlours, Freddy and I have done that, I also review other places and advise punters accordingly. Given your part of the management team of said places take it as a strong hint, clean up your act, your places are a shambles, you charge ridiculous amounts for a service, finally and certainly not lastly it's MRS BITCH to you Learn some resp.

And Freddy doesn't have a clue, sorry to say. He claims that Midas was the best place ever and I'm sure that it was outstanding, don't Chequers massage review me wrong but degrades other places, simply because Midas did 'solid work' and he didn't have to tip. Freddy's got it all mixed up in his mind. Plus he thinks he thinks he's King Kong because he went there often. Listen Bitch, this site is for reviewing various massage parlours. It is also a powerful tool since our review can affect someone's business.

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For this reason, it makes me angry when people on this site say LIES about a place Look at that nutcase Steve who Chequers massage review totally lost his marbles last night. Freddy claims a lot of things about this place which are absolutely unfounded. Claiming that the girls are not good-looking - when I've seen girls there who would put Asian actresses to shame - and. RickG, does getting a massage from your grand mother count as your "usuals"? At least management is keeping it all in the family. I'm not going to argue with you either - I know the stuff you say is total BS unless there really are some bad girls there that I haven't had, as I usually stick to my usuals.

I'm sure I've had better massages and massage girls than you have had - at other places, and at chequers. Rick g ill keep it short n simple for u on my phone 1. I have been punting longer than u have been born, i can tell by your knowledge 2. This place has no vibe and is all about money their is a bloody atm in this t 3. Massage girls know one thi.

Whatever, I won't waste my time arguing with you - you always have to be right - like the bitch you are. I don't own the place, Chequers massage review I wish I did cause I'd be rolling in money since it does so much business. RickG, fair dinkum give yourself an upper cut, you are the only one on this website that has anything nice to say about either place, they are both run down, poorly managed and full of grandma's your prices are in the league of the top end of town and you don't get a choice other than to getup and walk out. If my or Freddy's comments in advising other Chequers massage review are deranged then crown me King.

Time for you and your fellow owners of these dumps to lift your game. Oh, and I sometimes chat with other regulars in the lounge, so there are still plenty of fans of this place. Same with Chicago. So it's not just me, mate.

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Shero, you are deranged - every time someone disagrees with your views, you accuse them of being a plant or management. The last time I went to Chequers, I got a gorgeous girl, fantastic service, and a GFE to boot - so I don't see what Freddy and yourself are talking about.

RickG, I happen to agree with Freddy, Chequers like the shit hole Chequers massage review the corner Chicago what ever it's called now may have been up in lights several years ago but both are now very dim skank holes now, clearly you haven't been for quite some time, that or your part of management of said places. Freddy, you should be shot! Chequers is one of the best and most established places in Sydney. What do you have against them that you posted such crap? This place is Chequers massage review Old women at counter look ready to kill, young girl behind counter spaced out 2. Flip flops re used, big health hazard 3.

Showers, dirty, rusty handles, green shit around shower he, 4. Steam room smells like moldy something weird, not steam room smell 5. Spas would not trust them 6. As a Chequer's regular, I will comment. By the way, Chicago or Estudio located nearby have the option of going straight to the room and showering and changing there instead.

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Had the "King Massage" - Sequence of events: 1. Great time the other day. Had Yuki. Very cute, juicy set of tits, and excellent massage skills. She knows how to touch a man. Excellent handjob technique aswell. Had myself the most phenomenal experience the other day here. Had this real nice sweetie with a freakin awesome body.

Her skin was like bronze and smooth as hell.

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The way she was gyratin on me during body slide - Man, I tell you guys! Words can't express. I told her 'I'm in heaven' and she laughed. Can't wait to go back! The rates are not all that expensive either. Plus you are also free to access the Spa and Sauna for as long as you like. I never want to leave! Chequers is a high class place and thus is expensive. However, the experiences and girls involved make me feel it Chequers massage review is worth every penny! Trust me you will get many exceptional girls at chequers so don't worry if you were disappointed today.

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Ask the reception if they can maybe help you find the right girl. We need to get more of these owners into reading our punters' feedback about their stores' prices and services. For every1's sake Hopefully they take the criticism on board and drastically improve the standards. Help spread the word for parlours. And fingers crossed that ur fave mas. Went to chequers today.

Average massage,lots of oil,girl was average. Again its back to bodyrotic for really top notch stylish babes. I have only ever been here when I have been on the piss. Its Chequers massage review bit pricey but the girls are hot. Showers, spas, sauna etc included. Great massages. Used to be better before the pub next door put their tables right near the Chequers massage review, but if you can bear the "walk of shame" passed the table its good.

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Chequers massage review

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