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These guys are awesome! Best car buying experience of my life. Was in the market for a convertible, and they happened to have a super low mileage Solstice. Went to test drive it, Kevin didn't pressure me at all. Brought my wife the next day to take a look at it, and she was concerned that it didn't have enough storage space - he let us take it home for the night!

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We live almost 30 miles away. Who does that?!? Prices are fair, but non-negotiable. When we decided to pull the trigger, we were there less than half an hour for paperwork. Overall, great experience. This car is fun to drive on a straightway or on a curvy back road. The performance exceeds the other Camaros I have owned. I love the body style of the model. Wow just wow!! This is a super dealership.

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They really went above and beyond to get me into the truck of my choice, so thank you Saul, Angel, and Ricardo. This car is a joy to drive. Handles the curves with ease and has great pick-up speed. I love the looks and the interior is very nice.

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It is a great sports car for the price. Always trying to find an excuse to take it out for a spin. So glad I was finally able to purchase my dream car. They made the buying process so easy, the last time I bought a car I was at the dealer ship for 6 hours this time I was in and within about an hour.

I live in Mesa but after Chapman Chevy and Krista failed to find me a car I moved on and honestly other than it's so far they were much better prepared to do the job.

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This car is fun to go out and cruise and have a little fun with some get up and go. I updated or changed my review because they were very patient and answered all my questions and worked with me to understand the repairs Camaros for sale in phoenix costs and issues. They were not high pressure and turned out to be helpful.

I could't be happier with the car except all the dings and scratches that came with it along with bird droppings that were in the paint Permanently engraved in the Black Paint Thanks Chapman! I had nothing but an awesome experience at Camelback hyundai. I didnt feel pressured into getting anything and Carlos really helped me find a car that fit my needs and budget and as a bonus looked great.

I got a great price, and really enjoyed the fast and easy purchase proccess. I'm currently at home loving my car and greatful I ended up at this dealership. Honestly I'd give carlos way more than 5 stars because he was not only great at going over the key features of the car and Camaros for sale in phoenix why it could fit my needs, but also was a pleasure to work with. He went over the details of my car and limits of the services with the intent to educate which helped me feel confident in my purchase.

The employees I worked with were proffessional, fun courteous and patient and I reccomend them sincerely. I can't say enough about this vehicle. It so much fun to drive. If you're looking for a fast and fun car, try test driving one. It's plenty fast, and there isn't really any reason to buy the next stage up. Can not edit review. General Manager resolved my issues and I'm happy with my purchase. My Ram Classic crew cab is an awesome vehicle. There was so much to like about this car but it sat kind of low and it was only a two door so it wasn't going to meet my needs.

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I loved the 6 speed manual transmission but decided to purchase a brand new 4 door sedan. Was in the market for a Ram truck. Chapman Dodge had the right one and handled the process well.

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We agreed on what I felt was an equitable price and they made the process simple with very minimal back-and-forth. The paperwork process was clear and fast. No hard sell on the aftermarket elements. Michael Chavez was my salesperson and he followed through on every step, even calling after several days to make sure there were no issues and the required service had been handled.

Perfect for her and what she has been wanting. We were able to get rid of the Grandma Car and into a Camaro Convertable! RIght Color right car and right price. Mark Kia Amazing experience my sales guy Robert Lemon went above and beyond to help me get into a new vehicle I am always going to recommend him and the dealership to anyone and everyone I come across After going to other dealerships i was truly impressed at the customer service I experienced with Robert and his dealership. Own it just over 24 hours so time will tell. The cockpit feel is phenomenal. My sales associate Jeff Foster was amazing in helping me trying to find a the car I wanted.

Thank you to Mr. Foster for taking the time effort you put in to doing your job, made it a pleasure. I absolutely love my Camaro SS convertible. What a car! We spend hours driving along Camaros for sale in phoenix shore highway near the Atlantic.

I highly recommend this car. Get yours today. Al helped me with my v bed plug and got me the service i needed in the time he estimated. He is to be congratulated for his professionalism. Always loved the look, inside and out. Great deal for the money and a thrill to drive. Handles like a dream and extremely Camaros for sale in phoenix. Nothing but fun! The car is fun to drive, handles turns amazing and looks soooo nice! Camaro Girl for life!

This is the second time I have used Bill Halverson to find me a new car. I was percent pleased both times. I told him what I wanted and he found me a good deal. Bill came to my home with the new car and drove off my trade-in, even though I do not live in Tempe. He was available to answer questions and discuss alternative choices and took care of the details. The experience was easy, quick and so much more pleasant than negotiating with a traditional dealer. I highly recommend this service.

For being considered a "heavy" car, it is incredibly nimble and racy. Smooth when desired. Notice I flipped those driving preferences!!! Not a ton of space inside but the car is not meant to be a family daily driver. Although at first the car felt hard to see out of it, really is not that bad at all when you get used to the sight lines. Great fun! Aleks was a great sales person to deal with. He handled all the paperwork, so I only dealt with one person. He was very patient and helpful, even though I had two kids under three with me.

The options, horse power, de, color or thrill of driving this car was everything I every dreamed of! I purchased the 50 year anniversary 2SS Model that I have wanted for 20 years. Very professional and nice. Nick kept me updated while my car was being worked on and made Camaros for sale in phoenix whole process painless.

It has great power and speed. Jay is an amazing sales guy to work with. Trucks are hard to get a hold of these days. Jay found a truck I loved in my price range. He helped me hold a truck that was coming in and The finance dept gave the rate I wanted. This car is awesome. Has alot of power and performance. If you like speed like myself, this is a great car for that. Go to carshop and ask for Connor. We had great service and was very impressed with Kyle, he kept us up to date on what needed to be done and the cost of the repair.

This car is a lot of fun and very sporty looking. Great on gas and no issues. Roof goes down smoothly and no rattling no leaks. I can say that my experience at AutoNation Chevrolet Gilbert was great.

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