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He's also one who grows the most throughout the first season, evolving ificantly from the brooding, enigmatic figure he is at the beginning. Still mourning his best friend, Marcus spends most of his time avoiding other people, especially his sister. This all changes when Ginny moves to town and Marcus eventually falls in love with her. He starts to become a better person, but some of his actions suggest that he'll never really change. Ginny ends the season believing that Marcus will only ever Buzzfeed superhero hookup her, but she hurts him plenty, as well.

Just like the audience, Ginny admits she loves Marcus, but she also says he can be hard to like. Ginny is unnecessarily mean to Marcus on numerous occasions. She often greets him with a roll of her eyes, demanding to know what he wants from her. When he tries to be nice to her, she dismisses his efforts rudely.

Ginny snaps at Marcus when he tries to tell her he loves her, leaving him almost in tears. He's only trying to help her, having seen her self-harm, but after the interaction, he recklessly injures himself on his bike. Ginny is cruel to him without reason, Buzzfeed superhero hookup it often makes Marcus doubt himself and whether or not he can ever really change.

Ginny may treat Marcus poorly, but that's no excuse for him to do the same. Their first interaction sees him manipulating her, enjoying seeing her embarrassed, and knowing he has the upper hand.

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This is the same day he makes fun of her for trying to fit in when she pretends to know the band Wednesday. He plays with her feelings again when she's taken the pill. She's emotional, so he hugs her, then confuses her by kissing her. Justifiably, this angers Ginny, but Marcus Buzzfeed superhero hookup oblivious. On her birthday, he gives Ginny a present, then tries to make her feel bad for dating Hunter.

This is unfair since he's the one who asked Ginny to keep their hook-ups secret when he was already seeing Padma. At the start of the season, Marcus seems like he's trying too hard to play it cool and maintain his dark, enigmatic persona. It turns out that he's actually going through something that explains some of his behavior.

When he and Ginny start to become friends, he tells her that his best friend died recently, and it's clear that he's still grieving. He still can't talk about it, but he later reveals that he went to a dark place, which is why he understands Ginny's desire to self-harm. Marcus is often alone, and he admits that he doesn't really have any friends. Ginny is the only person he really connects with and wants to be around, which is why her cruelty towards him is even harder for him. Marcus tells Ginny that he "[doesn't] really do girlfriends", which she Buzzfeed superhero hookup pretentious.

Padma seems to be okay with their casual relationship until Ginny overhears her talking to a friend at Blue Farm. Padma's friend suggests that she deserves better than Marcus, who doesn't treat her with the care or respect she deserves. He always appears sullen in her company, and he doesn't really talk to her.

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Padma later tells Ginny that Marcus only cares about himself and that he'll only ever hurt her. He's afraid of a real relationship, so he pretends that he doesn't really care about anyone. He even tells Ginny that he doesn't care about Padma, which Ginny says isn't very nice.

Padma deserves more, and he doesn't even pay attention to who she is or what she wants. They're both better off without this frustrating relationship. Max and Marcus don't have many scenes Buzzfeed superhero hookup, and most of the screentime they do share involves bickering. Sometimes it's good-natured, but other times, it can get a bit aggressive, especially on Max's part.

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Behind his back, she only ever says bad things about Marcus. When he's upset, she doesn't care and only reluctantly talks to him at Sophie's insistence. She doesn't take his concerns seriously when he admits that he messed things up with a girl he likes. Max assumes he's talking about Padma and dismisses him. Later, Max attacks him for seeing Ginny behind her back, but Marcus points out that her self-obsession is what stops Ginny from telling her. Both Ginny and Marcus are responsible for the mess that sprouts Buzzfeed superhero hookup their secret relationship, but it's Marcus who initiates it.

Ginny is new to Wellsbury and has never done anything like this before, while Marcus is the one to climb through her bedroom window and cheat on Padma. Though they're not dating, he tells Ginny he doesn't want Padma to know, so he knows it's wrong. Marcus is also the one to ask Ginny to keep their meetings a secret, then later become jealous when he sees her with Hunter. This is unfair to Buzzfeed superhero hookup since he's still spending time with Padma and has made it clear to Ginny that he's not looking for a girlfriend. Marcus's behavior Buzzfeed superhero hookup be questionable, but he changes a lot over the course of the season.

This indicates that Buzzfeed superhero hookup doesn't really know who he is yet, like any high school student, especially in the wake of his best friend's death. As a growing person, he's still figuring out who he is and who he wants to be. Ginny helps him realize who that person is, and by the end of the season, he's ended his dead-end relationship with Padma, possibly hoping to commit to Ginny. He becomes more considerate and selfless, but most of his peers assume that he hasn't really changed, which only makes growing harder for him. It's unfair of Marcus to be jealous of Hunter after being the one to push Ginny away, but he does his best to make her feel bad for dating Hunter.

They both know that Marcus wouldn't be able to offer her what Hunter does - at least, not at this stage of his arc, when he explicitly says he doesn't want a girlfriend - but he still speaks poorly of Hunter, who is good to Ginny for the most part. On several occasions, Marcus tries to kiss her, knowing she's in a relatively committed relationship with Hunter. Each time, she says they shouldn't be meeting up in secret because she feels bad for lying to her friends and cheating on Hunter, but Marcus shows no remorse, even as he watches Ginny's friendships fall apart.

Unlike Ginny, Marcus doesn't have anyone to talk to about anything. This is why she's the only person he talks to about his friend and the dark place he went to while grieving. The only other person who expresses serious concern over Marcus is his mom, but she only ever brings it up in passing to Georgia, never with Marcus. She also mentions that he likes being alone. The one person who asks Marcus if he's okay is Sophie, of all people. She prods Max to talk to her brother, but it's clear that Maxine doesn't really care.

Mostly, she only talks to Marcus to insult him or tell him to go away, even when he's not bothering anyone. One of the most infuriating things about Marcus's character is his "I'm-too-cool" act. Later, he and Ginny make fun of this, so it's good to know that he's self-aware, but for the first part of the season, it's mostly just annoying.

He's insensitive, ignorant, and indifferent, or at least pretending Buzzfeed superhero hookup be. No matter what drives this behavior, it's rude, inconsiderate, and hurtful to others - especially Ginny. She's going through things, too, and for the first few episodes, he's utterly self-absorbed and oblivious. For this reason, it's easy to see why Ginny doesn't always like himeven if she does love him. An avid cinephile and bookworm, Svetlana also writes creatively across multiple forms and genres. Her fiction and poetry appear in several printed and digital publications.

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Buzzfeed superhero hookup

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