Browning 25 auto for sale

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Made in Belgium, this is a great gun for concealed carry. These guns are very accurate at distances under 25 ft. My gun was manufactured and imported in just prior to the ban. He put the gun in his safe, still in the wax paper and pouch where it stayed for thirty years untouched and still unfired.

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Let's look at the transaction from an "investment" point of view. My friend's father doubled his money every ten years on the gun, i. When I originally wrote this I asked the question, "Do I think it will double in value by ? The fact that the gun is unfired, condition of the original finish, it has the original manual, is in the original wax paper and has the original pouch all influence and enhance the value of this gun.

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Condition is everything with a gun that is a half-century old. Although I'm not into gun collecting as an investment, I do like to collect guns that I believe will hold their value or increase in value. I look for value in everything I purchase, cars, musical instruments, down to my wrist watch. My friend's father was able to put this gun in a safe and leave it alone for thirty years, possibly because he was a gun dealer and had plenty of other guns to keep him busy!

As you can see, I have the gun out on the kitchen counter taking pictures, holstering it and even loading the Browning 25 auto for sale and carrying it on certain occasions. I have resisted the temptation to fire it, but only by buying a used blue gun of this same model to practice with. Many gun enthusiasts will laugh at the mention of a.

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This little gun earned my respect and the respect of a lot of others through it's service to the French Resistance during WWII. It saved many lives. This gun went places, undetected, where a larger gun could not have gone.

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I've than one story of this gun being concealed inside cigarette packs. A word of caution if you own one of these with the pearl-lite grips: I have seen many examples where sunlight had yellowed the grips so badly that they just looked awful.

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Sunlight will cause extreme discoloration. This Lightweight version of the gun used a T6 aluminum frame and hexavalent chrome-plated over electro-less nickel slide and external detail parts. The Browning 6.

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John Browning had contracts with Colt and F. Colt stopped producing the vest pocket. There is an old saying that "those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. The Gun Control Act ed by President Johnson on October 22, in the wake of the King and Kennedy assassinations prohibited the importation of these guns. The funny thing is, Kennedy was shot with an Iver Johnson American made gun and King was assassinated with Browning 25 auto for sale Remington Gamemaster rifle also American made. With the American market cut-off, F.

Some of these guns are showing up in the U. Today is Sunday November 17, and as I'm updating this for the rede of my website, I decide to search for recent completed online auctions of a comparable gun. True comps are rare, but I found one. Next to a Porsche car key. Totals 25, 24, 20, 28, 7, 17, 26, 37, 45, 66, ? Muzzle Energy 75 ft.

Baby Browning Valuation Update Today is Sunday November 17, and as I'm updating this for the rede of my website, I decide to search for recent completed online auctions of a comparable gun. Rifles Colt Sauer. Holsters for the Baby Browning.

Browning 25 auto for sale

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For Sale: Vintage Browning Baby ACP Semi-auto Pistol Blue