Ayi com online dating for grown ups made easy

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Fischer discussed a range of topics, such as what people from different demographics want in a partner and how the app clusters people with related interests together to form communities. Travis Korte: First, can you introduce AYI and explain a little about how its approach differs from other dating sites. Josh Fischer: AYI.

Much like Zynga, we built our dating app off the Facebook platform very early on and have had over 70 million people install it during that time. We utilized our integration with Facebook to build a dating app that is incredibly simple to and use, while also building a profile that has a lot of data on who our members really are.

We are able to match people up using their mutual friends, mutual interests, and even similar interests without requiring them to fill out lengthy profiles. And with 25 million Facebook-connected members from around the world, we have the type of scale that few dating apps anywhere have available. A great example of an AYI feature that appeals to older members is our ability to identify members who are friends of your friends.

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But for people over 40, especially women, our data showed that having a friend in common made that person more than two times as likely to contact you. I imagine Facebook interest data must be extremely messy, with misspellings, alternate names and other ways different names can refer to the same thing.

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How do you mitigate this sort of problem? JF: For us, the biggest challenge was: how do we match people up who have similar interests that would clearly make a great icebreaker to starting a conversation.

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What we did was build a tool that ranks all current Facebook interests by their total of likes. Then we searched for top surfers, surf brands, surf magazines, surf movies, other variations on surfing e. TK: Is there a big differential among groups of people as far as how easy it is to match them with someone else?

We find that our members are often open to matching with more people than they think. For example, many men will only search for women younger than themselves. However, if a woman who is a couple years older reaches out to him, our data shows he is nearly as likely to respond to a woman slightly older than a woman slightly younger.

My recommendation: second-guess your limits and anyone can find a match. TK: In the future, do you think everyone will find their partners online? The internet has been terrific at providing easy access to a large amount of options and more information on these options than was ly available.

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Travis Korte is a research analyst at the Center for Data Innovation specializing in data science applications and open data. He has a background in journalism, computer science and statistics. Prior to ing the Center for Data Innovation, he launched the Science vertical of The Huffington Post and served as its Associate Editor, covering a wide range of science and technology topics.

He has worked on data science projects with HuffPost and other organizations. Before this, he graduated with highest honors from the University of California, Berkeley, having studied critical theory and completed coursework in computer science and economics. His research interests are in computational social science and using data to engage with complex social systems.

You can follow him on Twitter traviskorte. This interview has been lightly edited.

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Travis Korte Travis Korte is a research analyst at the Center for Data Innovation specializing in data science applications and open data. You may also like. July 23, July 6, June 29, June 24, June 17, June 4, May 26, May 18, May 14,

Ayi com online dating for grown ups made easy

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